Saturday, April 3, 2010

GF POSH-Caviar

Caviar in Scooped out Mini Potato's with Egg Whites and Chopped Onion

All I can say is yum!  I have forever been petrified to try Caviar, and I have to say, I have been missing out on a whole lot!  Caviar is wonderful.  Not only do I feel super posh by eating tiny fish eggs on potato's but it's actually really good.  I was worried that it would taste, well, fishy, hence fish eggs, but quite the contrary if it's good Caviar.  I was recently at a close friend's wedding and Caviar was one of the appetizers.  Now, for most you you gluten-freebee's, you know that apps at any event are probably the worst part of the meal for someone with an intolerance, especially gluten.  I know for me-to eat ahead, because most likely I will not be able to have any appetizers unless it's veggies or fruit.  Blah!  As waiters were passing with tempura shrimp, duck wrapped in flour tortilla's and mini pizzas I found myself over by the Caviar station.  Good thing about Caviar: It's low in fat, calories and it's gluten-free!  Shall we say high five??  I ate quite a few and was very satisfied.  

After going gluten-free I started experimenting with all types of foods.  I figure you win some you loose some, and when one door closes another one opens.  Hello Caviar.


  1. I was just told at a restaurant I frequent that all caviar is Not Gluten free. The less expensive caviar is soaked in soy sauce to plump it and give it flavor. I just confirmed this on another blog, So please be careful and check what you eat before you assume it is all GF. I LOVE caviar and was bummed to learn it is now another item I need to watch.

  2. Actually. You are incorrect. I did my research before posting this, and Caviar in its natural state is gluten free.
    If the restaurant you frequent marinates the caviar during its preparation then the restaurant is changing the caviar's components, and that has nothing to do with the caviar in its natural form. How a restaurant prepares caviar is a whole other story.
    Caviar IS gluten free. There are many articles on this as well as other blog posts and celiac disease forums and branded websites.

    So all in all, you should not be bummed. Because you can have it.


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