Wednesday, March 7, 2012

CrunchMaster Crackers

Ok so I tried these crackers a while ago and have kept the empty box in my fridge so I can blog it.  I didn't realize this brand was by the same manufacturer as my other favorite crackers by CrunchMaster!  

CrunchMaster came out with these fab crackers in many flavors such as toasted onion, rosemary and olive oil, sea salt, original, roasted vegetable and white cheddar.  The white cheddar is definitely new.  

While at Healthsmart located in Murray Hill on 37th St. and Third ave, I came across Ancient Grains crackers!  Soooo good!!!!!  I devoured them!.  So far they have Sea Salt and Cracked Pepper.  I devour all of these crackers I guess I should have know they were from CrunchMaster.  And what is so great is that you can have like 16 crackers and its only 140 calories-that varies-give or take depending on the flavor.  All gluten-free!  And certified GF.  Some are sugar free, some are vegan/dairy free and all are cholesterol free, and 100% whole grain.  All are also Kosher!  

And their latest news? BJ's Wholesale is now distributing their 20oz crunch master original multi grain crackers in all stores across the globe! How great is that?!!

And the Original flavor from Crunchmaster is Vegan and dairy free!  Sorry Vegan's not the other flavors!! But that one original version is.

All CrunchMaster crackers are peanut free however their processing plant uses tree nuts; hazelnuts, almonds and pecans.

All CrunchMaster crackers are certified Kosher by the Orthodox Union (OU) and can also be found in this Kosher List

For more FAQ click HERE.

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I'm telling you, you won't be sorry!  These crackers rock!!  

I buy these babies at my Murray Hill Market called Healthsmart.  You can find these in varying places.  Click HERE for a store locator.  Here is the 10016 locator

And click HERE for some online cracker shopping.

Enjoy! xoxo Julie

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