Monday, November 19, 2012

Jennifer Esposito's GF Baking Mixes Are Finally Here!

So obviously I subscribe to Jennifer Esposito's website, and I received an email a few weeks ago that her baking mixes are available for ordering!  Yeah!! This is exciting!  You know those mixes are going to be great when you have such a devoted fellow Celiac behind the scenes.

I cannot wait to try the GF flour mix!  And who doesn't love pancakes?!

For those of you who do not know, Jennifer Esposito is one of the many celebrities/Actress's who has been diagnosed with CD after a very tumultuous journey.  She was in my favorite show Samantha Who amongst others, and to this day I still watch those repeats on the T.V. Guide Channel.  I have written quite a few blog posts about Jennifer in the last few years.

To learn more about Jennifer click HERE.

To buy these mixes click HERE.

Enjoy!! xoxo Julie 

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