Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Blog Evolution. Blog Re-Structure.

Hello Lovelies!

Guess what?  I'm still re-structuring my blog which means things are going to be moving around.  I have added a tabs bar to my blog which means some of my gluten free side bar info has moved into those tabs.

Survival Guide-Is now the place you will find Celiac Resources, Candy Lists, GF Parent Info, Medication Lists, Safe Ingredients, and Un-safe Ingredients.

GF Foodie-Is now the place you will find the lists of Manhattan Restaurants, bakeries, grocery stores and anything else relating to food in Manhattan.  You will also find Dining Etiquette Info and Questions you can ask your server.

My edits are still in progress, so please bear with me.  But it shall be done soon lovelies!


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  1. Great blog here, I love this post. Links are so useful.


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