Friday, August 26, 2011

Hurricane Irene GF Prep List

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AHHH! New York City amongst many other neighboring states and Islands like the Carolina's, Virginia, Bahamas, New Jersey and more are all going to be affected by Hurricane Irene!  This is scary, from what I am hearing on the news this hurricane is the size of Arizona! Yikes, and it's coming our way!  A category 3 storm will be approaching NYC tomorrow afternoon with heavy rains and by the time it heavily hits us it will be a category 2 with strong winds.  This means potentially loosing electricity and staying indoors.

For most to prep, all it takes is running to the grocery store and stocking up!  But what happens if you have allergies to foods or are gluten-free?  You may have to run to quite a few places to get the things you need.

A few places in the Murray Hill NYC area that carry gluten free options are:

Food Emporium on 34th Street and Third Avenue
Health Smart on 37th Street and Third Avenue
Gristedes on 33rd Street and Third Avenue
CVS on 34th Street between 2nd and Third Avenue

Also try:
Whole Foods
Trader Joes
Health Markets
Shop Rite
TuLu's Bakery

Remember the best things to stock up on are packaged products, items that can stay on your counter and not spoil.

Utz products-most are gluten-free like chips and cheese doodles
Chex cereal
Rice Krispies cereal (new boxes are gf)
Fruity Pebbles/Cocoa Pebbles
Baked Lentil Chips by Mediterranean Snacks
Kind Bars
Anything Glutino
GF Pretzels
GF Cookies
Orgran Buckwheat or Quinoa Crisps
Laughing Cow Cheese (does not have to be refrigerated)
Canned veggies like beets and chickpeas
Canned tuna
City Snacks (freeze dried fruit like pears, strawberries, apples and more.  Can be found at CVS or GNC)
Vega Chips (dried fruit chips.  Can be found at CVS and GNC)
GF candy
Skinny Popcorn

Unfortunately those who are dieting or want to watch the junk are going to have to forfeit their values for the hurricane and eat what they can.  Packaged products are best for this type of natural disaster.

Some buildings are even being evacuated, especially those near the water.  This is serious.  Be safe!
And most importantly be GF.  If you have everything you need in a state of emergency, then you will not lean toward a non GF item because you or stranded or stuck.  Be smart, stock up!

I hope my fellow readers are all safe during the hurricane!!

It is wise to bake ahead.  Grab Betty Crocker mixes or Pamela's.  Add the Xanthan gum and natural extracts for brownies and cookies and store them on the counter.

xoxo Julie