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Gluten-Free NYC Restaurants:

Gluten-Free American and Fusion
S'MAC (Murray Hill Location)
S'MAC (Downtown)
Hu Kitchen
Friedman's Lunch
Bare Burger
Outback Steakhouse
5 Napkin Burger
Bloom's Deli

Gluten-Free Italian and Pizza:
Pie By The Pound
Keste Pizzeria
Galli Restaurant (GF Pasta)
Serafina (GF Pasta)
Pala Pizza
Del Posto
Skinny Pizza
GF Pizza Roster

Gluten-Free Asian
Lilli and Loo
Lili's 57
Ruby Foo's
Zengo (no gluten free menu on the weekends)
Vien Restaurant

Gluten-Free Vegan and Raw
Candle 79
Candle Cafe
Pure Food and Wine
One Lucky Duck
Angelica's Kitchen (GF options)

Gluten-Free Mexican:
Rosa Mexicana

Gluten-Free BBQ:
Blue Smoke

Gluten-Free Indian w American Twist:
Hampton Chutney

Gluten-Free Trendy Fusion:
Beauty and Essex  (Gluten-free menu-my fav!)
Stanton Social (Gluten-free menu)

Gluten-Free Restaurant Reviews NYC:
GF Restaurant Reviews-ALL
Blue Smoke Review
Hu Kitchen Review
Le Pain Quotidien Review
Barrio 47 Review
Bella Blue Review
Multiple Restaurant Reviews
Co-op Review
Lilli and Loo Review
Lili's 57 Review
The Hurricane Club Review
Beauty and Essex Dessert Review
Beauty and Essex Review 1
Beauty and Essex Foodie Review
Goat Town Review 1
Goat Town Review 2
Diablo Royale Mexican Kitchen and Saloon-Bad Review
LAVO Review
The Palm-Bad Review
Bare Burger Review
Gregory's Coffee Review
Prêt A Manger Review
Bread Restaurant Review
Fig and Olive-Bad Review
Qdoba-Bad Review
Serafina Review
Markt Review
Boston Market Review
Bistango Review
Stanton Social Review
Mozzarellis Pizza Review
Mozzarellis Review
Mozzarellis Multiple Pizza Review
Hampton Chutney Review
Health King Review
Tao Restaurant Review

Gluten-Free Restaurant Closings:
Asia De Cuba-NYC
Bar Brenton

Gluten-Free Foodie Reviews:
Gluten-Free Bakery Reviews
Bad Restaurant Experience Reviews

Gluten-Free Fast Food Chain Menus:
PF Changs
Red Lobster
Ruth Chris Steakhouse
Outback Steakhouse

Gluten-Free Long Island Restaurants:
Sergio's Pizzeria (gluten free pasta and pizza!  Most Dishes can be prepared gluten-free)
Skinny Pizza (Mineola, Roosevelt Field, Financial District)
Landmark Diner (Roslyn) has a gluten free menu, a separate fryer for the fries, and a separate toaster. Gluten free bread and bagels and even gluten free pancakes!

Gluten-Free Restaurant Reviews-Long Island:
Sergio's Italian Eatery and Pizza Review

Gluten-Free Grocery Resources: (coupons)
Westerly Market
Shop Rite Gluten-Free Guide
The Gluten Free Mall
Health Smart Market
Wal-Mart Gluten-Free Guide
Amy's Kitchen Gluten-Free List
Whole Foods Gluten-Free Guide
Trader Joe's Gluten-Free Guide
KRAFT Gluten-Free List
Wegmans Gluten-Free Guide

Gluten-Free NYC Bakeries with Dedicated Gluten-Free Facilities:
Tu Lu's Bakery 
Baby Cakes 
Jennifer's Way Bakery 
Pip's Place 
Mozzarellis Bakery and Pizza
Crumbs Gluten-Free Village Location (only gluten free location)
G-Free NYC Bakery

Gluten-Free Bakeries
Macaron Cafe
Bisousciao Bakery
Sprinkles Bakery
La Maison Du Macaron
Bis.Co.Latte Bakery
Koffee Cake Corner
Vegan Diva's Bakery
Blossom Bakery
Meryienda Bakery
Peace Food Cafe
Heaven Mills Bakery
Grandaisy Bakery

Gluten-Free Brooklyn Bakeries:
Bedford Baking Studio
Oven. Ly Bakery
Sun In Bloom Bakery
Fabiane's Cafe and Pastry
Everybody Eats Bakery
Josef's Gluten-Free Bakery
My Dad's Cookies
Clementine Bakery

Gluten-Free Long Island Bakeries:
Ms. Michelle's Urban Gourmet
Bare Naked Bakery
Pink Poppy Bakery
Wild Flours Bakery
Joan's GF Great Bakes

Gluten-Free Bakeries: Long Island City and Queens:
Sweet Leaf Bakery
Rudy's Bakery and Cafe

Around The World Eats n Sweets: 
Baby Cakes Los Angeles
Baby Cakes Orlando (Downtown Disney)
Crave Bakery San Francisco
Foods By George New Jersey
Company Cafe Dallas, Texas

Around The World-Eats n Sweets Reviews:
Palm Beach, Florida:
Palm Beach Grill a.k.a. Hillstone Review
Ocean Grill at The Breakers Review


Restaurant Etiquette and Dining Tips: 6 Tips For Dining Out 

Be Vocal: Speak with the Manager, chef or server.  Introduce yourself, and don't be shy.  Let them know you are gluten-intolerant or Celiac and that your meal needs to be prepared a specific way.  Explain to the staff that you are gluten-free, that you acan get very sick in their restaurant. The key is to get your special needs conveyed to the chef preparing your meal.  If your waiter seems uninterested or doesn't know, then ask to speak with the manager. Yes, this IS necessary.

Ask Questions: Always ask specific questions about any menu item, how something is prepared, if something is floured lightly or deep fried, or if a food is marinated.  Any cause for concern-ask away.  

Ordering: Order plain, less saucy dishes when dining out at a non gluten-friendly restaurant.  The simpler the dish the better off you will be.  Ask for your meal to be prepared separately using separate utensils.  Your pasta needs to be cooked in pans that have not touched gluten.  Most waiters will tell you it will take longer, and that's ok.  Ask for your items to be prepared away from gluten items.  

Ask about Flour Dusting: Many restaurants use flour to coat poultry and fish as well as fries and other foods.  Always ask if there is flour dusted on anything you my be ordering.  You can also ask the waiter to confirm with the chef.

Do Not Hesitate: to send back a dish if it is made incorrectly!  It is their mistake and they need to be more attentive to your needs.  That is their job.  You could end up getting super sick!  You don't need that!

Thank Your Server:-Remember they are new to this too.

Dining Out: Restaurant Questions: Be Your Own Food Detective
What you can ask your Server:

Is there any flour in my meal?

Is there any flour in the sauce?

What is in the BBQ sauce? Thai Sauce? Asian Sauce? Is there soy sauce in the BBQ?

What are the ingredients in the salad dressing?

Is the meat marinated? If so with what ingredients? 

Which foods are deep fried? And are they deep fried with other breaded items?

What is in your blackened seasoning?

Which of your dishes contain soy sauce? teriyaki sauce?

Is there any flour, batter, bread crumbs or breading?

Are the noodles made from rice or wheat?

Are the wontons and dumplings made from wheat?

Is the pan dusted with flour?

Is the tortilla 100 percent corn? And are they made in-house?  If so are they fried with contaminated items?

Is the goat cheese fried? crusted with bread crumbs?

Do the buckwheat noodles have any wheat in them?  
Not all buckwheat noodles are gluten-free

Does the Quinoa or rice come from a Mix or is it homemade?
Some Quinoa mixes actually have hidden gluten in them

Always caution your server to have your meal prepared separately.  Always request your food to be cooked separately, even if it takes longer.

When dining out it is your job to be the Food Detective. You have to be. Your body will thank you later.

Remember!  Product ingredients change!  Even if you have been buying that product for a while always look at the ingredients, because sometimes they change.

If in doubt, do without.

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  1. Hi Julie! I just wanted to share with you an exciting new gluten-free restaurant called Vien that opened up in the West Village. Everyone in my office has been crazy about it and it's absolutely delicious. It's like an Asian Chipotle where you can customize your bowl with a base of rice, quinoa, salad or noodles. The concept is amazing, food is delicious, I think your gluten-free readers would definitely be interested to know about it! It's located on 220 Varick Street (corner of Varick and Downing. Check out their menu on their website -

    1. Hi Stephanie!!

      Thank you so much for this wonderful addition!! I am so grateful you found my blog because I had not heard of this new spot. I actually called the restaurant today and spoke with Mark the owner who was so lovely!! And he informed me that everything is 100 percent gluten free (minus the beer). That the kitchen is a dedicated gluten-free facility, including sauces, GF soy sauce etc. That there is no gluten on the premise. Even the oat's they once used were of course certified gluten-free. It was so great getting this information because so many people feel that there are not enough Asian restaurants that are perfect for the Celiac person or even someone with a gluten-related intolerance. So i cannot wait to go and try! I am super excited!! Thanks again!! xx


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