Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Not All Advil Is Gluten-Free!!!

After last night's POST, GF Advil was on my mind and I decided to call Advil/Pfizer this morning to get some more clarification.  In response to my post last night I advised through the website that Advil Liqui-gels, Advil Migraine and Advil Liqui-Gels PM contain a wheat derivative.  After my phone call with a lovely representative I received more information.

-ALL ADVIL LIQUI-GELS contain a wheat derivative.  ALL LIQUI-GELS.  So stop these immediately if you are taking the Liqui-gels.  You maybe getting sick from a medication rather then a food and this is so important to recognize!  Just steer clear of Liqui-Gels.

-ALL FORMS OF ADVIL MIGRAINE contain gluten.  There is no further information if it is just the Liqui-Gels or the Tablets, Caplets and Gel-Caps.  Pfizer does not have this info therefore they informed me to steer clear of all Advil Migraine pills.


All Advil Tablets, Gel-Caps (which are different then Liqui-Gels) and Caplets are gluten-free and do not contain any cross contamination in their facility nor is there any ingredients in these forms.  So you are free to digest any of these.

In specific all tablets, caplets and gel caps from the below are gluten free:

Advil Cold and Sinus contains NO gluten and there is NO cross contamination
Advil Congestion and Relief contains NO gluten and there is NO cross contamination
Advil Allergy and Sinus contains NO gluten and there is NO cross contamination
Regular Advil Tablets, caplets and gel-caps do NOT contain gluten and there is NO cross contamination
Advil PM Tablets, Caplets and Gel-Caps do NOT contain gluten and there is NO cross contamination

The reason that Pfizer cannot stamp these bottles with the Gluten-Free Stamp is that at the end of manufacturing these Advil products Pfizer would have to do a raw materials test at the final stage of producing Advil to see if the raw materials that were given to them had gluten.  This is a test they do not conduct which is the reason you do not see a gluten-free stamp.  However, according to Pfizer there are no added gluten or cross contamination once these materials enter their facilities. But the Advil products listed above citing no gluten-means that there is no gluten or cross contamination in their facility.

As the representative mentioned to me, Pfizer takes Celiac Disease and a Gluten Allergy very seriously.  As this rep mentioned CD is becoming more prevalent and they take as many precautions as they can (with the exception of the final raw materials test).  Pfizer is very aware of CD.  

This is a huge eye opener!  Check your meds!!

I hope this helps!!

xoxo Julie


  1. Thank you so much for this news. Unfortunately I have been using the Gel-Caps for some time. I stopped taking them the day of this article, and I actually am feeling so much better. This really was an eye opener!

  2. Hi Nancy,

    Gel-Caps are ok. It's the liqui-gels that are not, and they are both different.
    When I spoke with Pfizer they said that the gel-caps, tablets, and caplets are all ok. But then again, if you notice a difference in the way you feel, obviously listen to you body.
    Glad to be of help!

  3. Anonymous2/27/2013

    Thank you for the verification. I took the Advil Liqui-Gels yesterday and have been very ill.(vertigo,naseous,rapid heartbeat) I knew I had been good on my wheat/Gluten free diet but am very new to it, so didn't think about checking meds. Reading your info certainly did educate me .Much appreciated. De

    1. Hello Anonymous! You are so very welcome!! I am so glad you figured out what it was, and I am sorry you had to go through all that pain. That's awful. Unfortunately a lot of meds have gluten. Thankfully there are blogs to help you figure it out, because I can tell you the pharmacists at most drug stores do not know. Feel better!.

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  5. Thank your for the the great information. I appreciate and respect your point of view. Advil

  6. Anonymous1/15/2014

    I am not sure if i missed this but are Advil Coated Tablets Gluten Free?

    1. Hey there, are you speaking of the regular Advil tablets? The ones that have that brownish coating? If so, then YES totally gluten free. Let me know if this is what you were referring to. : ) Julie

  7. Hi - this is amazing information as I am celiac, and ALWAYS take ibuprofin liquigels. I'm going to stop immediately!! BUT the thing is, I usually never take the Advil brand... I take the generic brands from Target, Rite Aid, CVS....Does anyone know if these generic brands would also have the wheat derivative? Thanks!

    1. Hey there-Every brand is different. My post is only on the Advil brand. If you are curious about the generic brands then you need to call the manufacturer. There is usually a phone number on the bottle, if not google the manufacturer. Every medication is different and uses different ingredients. Please keep that in mind. I hope that helps.

  8. Anonymous8/05/2014

    Thank you!!! I now know why I have been sick…again!

    1. So so welcome! Always call the manufacturer when you are buying over the counter and prescription meds. Sometimes it's not the ingredients, but the coatings that have gluten. I hope you feel better soon! xx

  9. Anonymous2/07/2015

    Can anyone tell me if advil children's liquid in the blue raspberry flavor is gluten free?


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