Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Advil-Is This Medication Gluten-Free?

Recently while in the NYU ER getting X-ray's on my fractured foot, the doctor I saw there mentioned that a patient he recently had seen said Advil was not gluten-free.  I was shocked!  Because the last time I checked on my drug list it was!  My mom and I who are both gluten-free and frequently use advil looked at each other, and the doctor then said maybe I was wrong!.  I said, "no, I need to research this for my blog and for myself"!!.  So I went to the advil website and there actually IS some truth to this!!!

I am just so happy I do not take the below meds, but for those that do...STOP!.

Advil Liqui-Gels, Advil Migraine and Advil PM Liqui-Gels contain a Wheat derivative and therefore are not gluten-free!!!!  All other advil products are.  So be careful on which ones you buy!

The annoying part about gf products is that their ingredients are ever-changing, which means that a product that may have been gluten free in years past, may not be now.  So always check with the pharmacist!

I will be reaching out to many drug companies to get more answers in the next few weeks and hope to have more specific answers soon.

If you have further questions pls feel free and contact Advil with questions
800-88-ADVIL or 800-882-3845
Mon-Fri, dam-5pm
Write to Advil:
PCH Product Information
Pfizer INC
PO box 1043
Kings Mountain, NC 28086

xoxo Julie 

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