Thursday, October 14, 2010

Gluten-Free Pizzeria Smackdown

Lately I have been craving pizza
It's all about Pizza, no need for a rhyme
I don't need to convince you 
it's pizza all the time!

Now a days there are many restaurants and pizza spots across nyc that serve gluten free pizza.  I haven't been to all of them, but the ones I have been to have been treating me pretty well the past 5 years.  I recommend all of the places I write about, and If you my reader has comments or suggestions pls feel free and write a comment. 

1.  MOZZARELLI'S-One of my favorites by the way!  Has the best sicilian sliced pizza ever!  I even once called the chef asking him to explain to me all the ingredients, because it was too good to be gluten-free.  This lucky lady has delivery, is located on 38 E. 23rd St. in NYC.  They even deliver.  And they have seriously rockin good cakes and cookies.  They carry several brands including their own.  You can even walk in and not just order a pie!  There are at least 3 different options of pizza if not more upon your walk into the restaurant.  It's heaven.  And heaven is not just the pizza.  Everything here is fantastic.  This is a great pizzaria to stop by at during your travels to NYC. Delivery available.  Restaurant closes at 6:30pm. Kid-Friendly.  Casual.  Walk-In.  No Reservations.

2. RISOTTERIA-Another gem for fine gluten-free pizza, located in the heart of the West Village.  This place is amazing, and not just gluten-free pizza.  This place is now celebrating it's 10 year as New York City's Pinoeer Gluten-Free restaurant.  They make gluten-free risotto, Gluten-Free Panini's, GF Pasta, GF cakes, cookies, pies and breads.   Their BREADS are to die for and you can even purchase the rolls, the breadsticks and their baking mixes.  Sometimes they have specials like all day gf pasta or all day gf pizza.  And for the adults at the table they offer a Gluten-Free beer selection.  I advise if you come to NYC to visit you make sure you stop by and try something amazing at Risotteria.  And for all of you out of towners or locals out there who love everything Risotteria-now you can shop ONLINE and they will ship their goods out to you mail order!! Risotteria also supports The GF Awareness Program.  Delivery available.  Kid-Friendly.  Casual.  No Reservations under 6 people.  Walk-In.  

3.  PALA-I am dying to try this one!  I have heard such rave reviews around town about this restaurant and the friends that informed we were not even gluten-free.  You know it's a gem when that's the case.  Pala is located in the Lower East Side on Allen St.  A great dig that serves up one fantastic MENU that can be prepared Gluten-Free and is dedicated to it's own fryer and cookery.  

4.  BISTANGO-A nice and cozy neighborhood Italian Eatery located in Murray Hill, NYC.  Perfect for a date and dinner with friends.  The waitstaff will always remember a returning face.  Almost the entire menu can be prepared gluten free, and so are all of their yummy desserts.  I eat here all the time.  It's a neighborhood fav.  Their pizza is more gourmet then pizza at Mozzarelli's.  But it's still yummy. (212) 725 8484  415 Third Avenue at 29th Street  **Their menu changes seasonally.

5. SLICE-This is not one of my favorite places, but I will eat there if there is nothing else around.  They have a few locations in nyc one on the Upper East side and one in the West Village on Hudson St.  Their pizza doesn't taste like pizza. It tastes "pizza-like".  But there are those who love it, so I say if you haven't tried it, it's worth a shot.  Everyone has a different palate.  Slice is located on 1413 Second Avenue between 73rd and 74th St.  (212)-249-4353 and 535 Hudson St. between Perry and Charles St.  (212) 929-2920

6. Keste Pizza and Vino-located in the West Village on Manhattan on 271 Bleeker St. (212) 243-1500

7. Pizza by Cer Te located in Midtown East on 132 E. 56th Street  (212) 813-2020

8. Cafe Viva Natural Pizza located in the East Village on 179 Second Ave (2120 420-8801

9. L'asso-located in Little Italy on 192 Mott St.  (212) 219-2352

10. ZPizza-located in the West Village on 289 Bleeker St.  (212) 206-7433

11. Pie-located in the Union Square, East Village and West Village neighborhoods. One location is on 124 4th Avenue  (212) 475-4977

12. Pie By The Pound-Located on the Upper East Side on 1542 Second Avenue (212) 517-5017

13. Sambuca-located on the Upper West Side on location is on 20 W. 72nd St.  (212) 787-5656

14. Luigi's-Located on the Upper East Side on 1701 First Avenue  (212) 410-1910

15. Pizza Bolla-located in Battery Park on 102 N. End Avenue  (212) 786-3300

Enjoy! xoxo Julie

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