Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Gluten-Free Watercooler-Stanton Social-LES Eatery

There is nothing more that I love then seeing a fabulous trendy restaurant with an excellent Chef cater to me, one of the members of the gluten-free community.  Stanton Social has been recognized for it's amazing tapas created and designed by Chef Chris Santos.  Located on the Lower East Side of Manhattan this sexy bistro serves multi-ethnic shared dishes like Red Snapper Tacos, Lobster Salad Lettuce Sliders and Yellowfin Tuna Sashimi.  The best part is the gluten-free menu is amazing!  I have dined there at least three times since going gluten-free and I am satisfied everytime.

Upon my diagnosis I thought this bistro would be ruled out forever.  I figured with CD how could I eat here.  Then I heard a while back, Chef Chris Santos felt the need to add in a gluten-free menu.  Well bravo.  More restaurants should be doing this.

Now this doesn't mean that cross contamination is ruled out, but according to the wait-staff and Chef, they do their best to eliminate cross contamination as much as they possibly can.  That's hopeful.

I happen to have on hand their gluten-free menu and it is superb!  When it comes to dinner they have a printed out menu.  When it comes to Lunch, the waiter is there to guide you with their regular menu and what they can do gluten-free.  For brunch I had the Eggs Brushetta minus the bread (mouth watering)!, The Red Snapper Tacos and the Lobster Roll minus the bread.  The tapas dished are served with three on the plate, and if you are not sharing I'd advise you to order 3 dishes just for yourself.  Although this bistro promotes sharing, I find that if you share you should order at least 2 dishes of the same thing.  The dishes are small.  Choose from an array of desired dishes and indulge gourmet style.

                                                                                           GF Eggs Brushetta

                                                          GF Red Snapper Tacos

                                            GF Lobster Lettuce Sliders

This restaurant is trendy and has a great scene/ambiance.  I look forward to dining there as the experience is one of those amazing scenes you will want to be a part of.  Stanton Social has an amazing buzz.  Located on 99 Stanton Street between Ludlow and Orchard Streets, New York, NY 10002.  (212) 995-0099.

I am also loving that you can make a reservation for this sexy spot directly from their website, who is partnered with, the best place to get your restaurant ressie without the hassel of a phone call.


xoxo Julie

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