Monday, February 21, 2011

Palm Beach Grill

Hello from sunny Palm Beach, Florida!  Ahhh...the heat feels soo good!  It's about 80 degrees and I am definitely sporting some great color!  Seeing a lot of Neon color trends and fun straw tote bags.  This whole peruvian influence is coming on in!  So stock up on great colorful bags!!

On the gluten-free side...I went to Palm Beach Grill here in Palm Beach, Florida and I have some great news to report.  But first a story behind a story.

Do you know why Palm Beach Grill is called Palm Beach Grill? And not Houston's and/or Hillstone?  Well Houston's also now renamed as Hillstone is a fantastic chain across the board known for it's amazing ribs (not gluten-free) and great Salmon dishes.  Known for their fries and dips, as well as their wine and beer selection.  This place is not fancy by any means, but it offers a great and large setting for a family outing, drinks with the boys or an intimate date.  It's also a great after work spot and always has a happening bar scene no matter what location and what state.

Now Palm Beach is known for its ritzy nature with ritzy people and Palm Beach Island does not want any kind of "chain" on their island.  Go figure.  So now Houston's is called Palm Beach Grill.  It's purpose is to stand out from the rest.  What is funny, is that it is the same menu, same decor and same type of atmosphere.  It's really quite hilarious.  So those fancy Palm Beach residents who think they are going fancy are really going to Houstons/Hilstones.  Ha!

But regardless of the name the food remains the same-fantastic!  And the waitstaff is soo uber gluten-free friendly. I was even told by my waitress when I went to explain my allergy that their restaurant can get in a lot of trouble if they don't prepare gluten-free food in a separate gluten-free cooking area.  Fantastic!!

I think Fantastic is the word of the day.  He he he.

What a relief.  I have been to many of the houston's chains, and I have found that all of their chains react the same way.  So although, this chain does not have a gluten free menu, there are plenty of options for you to have!

Off the top of my head:

Baked Potato
Tuna roll (no sauces)
and much more!
Just make sure you are not using the sauces.  At this restaurant it's the sauces that will get you.

Here is what you CANNOT HAVE:

Ribs (sorry folks, as they used to be my fav too, their sauce is pre-prepared and therefore according to their manager at one of the NYC locations, there are thickeners, hidden gluten and obvious gluten in their sauces).  Boo!  Sad face.
Also, their spinach dip is NOT gluten-free , and I am not 100% sold on their tortilla chips.  Because they are not made there, I am not sure if there is a combo of flour and corn in them, but I don't trust it.
And sadly all except the ice cream is not going to be gluten free, so steer clear!

So there you have it.  Houston's/Hillstone and Palm Beach Grill are the same restaurant


There are many gluten free options prepared separately!


xoxo Julie

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