Thursday, October 20, 2011

Gluten-Free Watercooler-Goat Town Restaurant

Well this is the restaurant that Jennifer Esposito wrote about in her blog.  What where her words? That they understood what gluten was and that she had this amazing chicken dish and the sorbet was dairy free and gluten-free.  I had to check out this menu and it has occurred to me after reading the mouth watering options that I MUST make a ressie here.  I don't know how this restaurant slipped on by, because I did not know about it, but now I am intrigued.  I also saw a quick mention on buckwheat pancakes.  I cannot even remember the last time I sat down at a trendy spot in NYC eating pancakes.

Check out Goat Town located at 511 E. 5th Street, NYC (212) 687-3641

Enjoy! xoxo Julie

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