Friday, August 27, 2010

Tao-NYC Hotspot now serves up Gluten-Free!

Well, well.  I just can't believe it.  In a good way of course!  I was dining at Tao the other night in NYC for a friends birthday party and I knew I would not be able to eat anything.  It's Asian Fusion.  I knew ahead that I would have to eat sushi and only sushi.  (sad face) but I am a trooper and it was for a good friends birthday.  I had even forgotten my gf soy sauce.  Bummer.

As the waiter approaches I am already prepared to explain my allergy.  He stops me in my tracks and says "don't worry, I am very familiar with the allergy (so not an allergy, but i'll let that slide), and he hands me a gluten-free menu.  I was like "shut up! You have a GF Menu? This is new! Can I keep it? I'll blog about it" Which is exaclty what I am doing.  This was exciting!  So exciting I would have screamed it from the roof top, had I been able to get to the roof!

Tao is the last place I would figure to have a gluten free menu.  The last time I was there in 2007, the waitstaff didn't even understand or comprehend what I was talking about. 

Tao was a hotspot quite a bit ago and has remained a strong restaurant close to the theater district.  It draws in a work crowd with their fancy drinks and buddha interior.  It's a huge space and great for drinks, a dinner or a party.  It still remains to this day hard to get a table, and in New York City that is a plus.  That means it's still booming with a buzz of a hipster crowd.

Tao's gluten-free menu was small, but fantastic.  Even from their regular menu they can make you any of the tar tare's without the sauce.  I had the sashimi yellowtail with jalepeno's hold the sauce.  It was really good and fresh!  Then for my entree I chose from the GF menu.  I enjoyed the Filet Mignon Pepper Steak with Bell Peppers, Onions and Asparagus.  It was delicious!  So good I must say that I am letting you know.

Other entree's that appeared on their GF menu were Singapore Mei Fun (Thin Rice Noodles with Shrimp, Chicken, Snow Peas, Carrots and Shiitake Mushrooms in a Light Yellow Curry Sauce), Grilled Red Snapper (Red Snapper with Steamed Bok Choy and Giner, with a Lime Vinigrette), General Tso's Chicken (Stir-Fried Chicken, Broccoli and Water Chestnuts in a Sweet and Spicy Sauce), Buddha's Vegetarian Pad Thai (Pad Thai Noodles with an Assortment of Vegetables in a Coconut-Chili Sauce), and last but not least Vegetarian Brown Rice (Stir Fried Brown Rice with Fresh Vegetables with Stir Fry Chicken or Grilled Shrimp).

All Gluten-Free and two other dishes that are Gluten-Free and Vegetarian.

Three cheers for TAO!

TAO is located on 42 E. 58th Street between Park and Madison Avenue.  Phone: 212-888-2288 open Monday-Sunday with a Price Fix during the weekdays M-F for just $25.00

And Tao also has a Las Vegas location along with a Gluten-free menu there as well.  So if you are out and about in Vegas gambling and you need a gluten-free bite, don't forget about the fabulous and GF Tao.

Enjoy! and spread the goodie good news!

xoxo Julie

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