Sunday, September 12, 2010

Health King Juicery

One of my favorite places to stop by during my lunch break is Health King.  It's a hidden gem on Seventh Avenue and 38th Street, NYC.  I have worked in this neighborhood for the last ten years and have never walked into this fantastic juicer until this year.  

The juice joint is small and there is no place to sit.  You order your fruit juice, vegetable juice, smoothie, frozen yogurt or parfait and you scurry out.  The fruit and veggies are fresh as can be and they make your selections right in front of your very eyes.

Over the Summer I had read in a magazine that Watermelon juice is a healthy option to an ice pop.  Just add ice.  That is called a Fruit  Icy.  Watermelon juice over crushed iced.  It's the best treat I have had all summer.  I also recently tried Cantaloupe juice over ice and also delicious.  It is a blander juice then the watermelon but it is so refreshing.

You can make your own juice medley or choose from Health King's variety of lists.  

This gem is up on health, vitamins and what fruits or veggies will work to fix your ailments.

Not just juices, but soft serve frozen yogurt, GF Lara Bars (all flavors), GF Kind Granola bars (all flavors), GF Sesame bars and GF organic chips.  (always check the ingredients).

Check out this gem!  

Xoxo Julie

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