Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Gluten-Free Watercooler-Markt Restaurant

This is a restaurant that used to be on my favorites list.  It is now on the Do Not Go If You Are Celiac List.  This restaurant, that although wants to cater to their customers, does not cater easily to the gluten-free.  I find that their wait staff is extremely non-understanding of the disease or the intolerance.  It is a shame.  

The last time I was there was a few weeks ago.  Our waiter was horrid.  I left the restaurant appalled, with a vow of never to return.  It is belgium food.  And most of the foods there are fish, stews, chicken and mussels with various sauces.  I usually get White Wine Mussels and a salad when I go, because for the most part, the menu is not gluten free friendly, but I always know I'm safe with this meal.  Regardless of being safe, I always alert my waiter that I have a gluten-allergy.  I explain it very clearly, and I always ask the waiter to alert the chef, even if I always order the same thing.  I want my waiter to know the severity, and I need my waiter to understand cross-contamination.  Because at a restaurant is the most likely place that one would experience cross-contamination.

My waiter was rude.  So above and beyond rude that his speech to me on gluten free, led my mouth to remain open the whole time.  He mocked me.  He mocked my words.  He said "yada, yada, yada" to me, as I explained the allergy.  He was testy, and told me he knew of the allergy and started listing in slow motion (as if i were mentally challenged) the ingredients.  I briefly looked at my friends faces.  They were aghast too.  I looked back up at him, and nicely mentioned, that although he understood the GF allergy, it would make me feel better if he checked with the chef.  He said that he didn't need to because he knew of the allergy.  I said again, that i was not undermining his knowledge , but merely explained I could get very sick.  As I was asking more questions, he walked off, in mid conversation!  I turned to my friends and i said "Am I crazy? or what that waiter just the biggest As*hole"?  My friends both looked at each other and said, no.  He was really obnoxious.  I said I would not tolerate this type of behavior and I complained to the manager.

I am NEVER one to complain to a manager about anything, but I felt that I did not deserve being spoken to in that manner.  I have CD and i'm not ashamed, and If I am going to spend money for a good meal, I expect the wait staff at the restaurant to be understanding and do everything in their power to alert the staff and prepare correctly my meal.

My friends thought that maybe he was studying to be an actor and that might have been his way, but I do not accept that at all.  If you are a waiter or a waitress at a fine restaurant, it is your duty to serve your customers regardless of their allergy, and it would be nice if kindness went along with it!

If you are gluten-free do not bother with this restaurant.  

xoxo Julie

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