Sunday, September 19, 2010

Gluten-Free Watercooler-Slice of Heaven

In the past I have posted about Mozzarelli's, but I don't think my posts have given this amazing Italian Pizza joint enough applause.  This is one of the only two restaurants in NYC where you can go in and order a slice.  In most pizza spots around town you have to order a whole pie like at Slice or Bistango.

I am always stopping at Mozzarelli's for a slice.  It is located in the heart of Chelsea on 38 E. 28th Street near Park Avenue South.  (212) 475-6777

The pizza is cripsy and square shaped topped with oodles of veggies or pepperoni and anything other topping you might desire.  They can even do a white pizza gluten-free.  When ordering "to go" you can order a slice or design your own pie, or choose from one of their great "mobster" pies.  These are pies already made that represent the characters from the hit T.V. show The Soprano's; like Paulie's Pesto Pie- Pesto with sun dried tomato's, Mozzarella and Ricotta or Charmaine's Chicken Pie.  Every creation, every pie is worth the calories.  It tastes amazing.

So amazing that when I first tried their Pizza I called the restaurant back to speak with the chef to make sure it was indeed gluten-free.  It tasted too good, I got nervous.  He told me a tale on how he started making gluten-free pizza.  Someone in his family was diagnosed with Celiac Disease and so the chef began to make gf pizza's in hope that his niece who was at such a young age could enjoy what she used to love so much; pizza, pasta and cake.

Mozzarelli's also knows that their customer might want to indulge in gluten-free dessert.  They make their own baked goods like chocolate layer cake and NYC style gf cheesecake, chocolate biscotti and chocolate chip cookies.  And they sell by the piece as well.  They are made fresh.  Most recently Mozzarelli's took in under their wing another brand of baked goods called My Dad's Cookies.  I have tried a few samplings of these cookies and prefer Mozzarelli's home made brand.

Besides pizza and baked goods, pies and cakes, Mozzarelli's makes amazing gluten-free pasta!  From GF Fettucini alfredo to penne ala vodka.  It's so good, I guarantee you and your family will be licking your plates.

This pizza joint has both gluten-free and gluten pizza, pasta and baked goods.  It is kid-friendly, casual and not expensive.  They do delivery but close at 6:30 on week nights, so order in advance and on the earlier side.

xoxo Julie

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