Monday, January 23, 2012

NuGo Bars

While in the JFK (NYC) airport back in November I was on line for some coffee.  Ugh, I thought, if just for once I didn't have to bring an entire carry-on bag of gluten-free snacks.  If only the airports had more gluten-free options!  I am used to seeing fruit and veggies, obviously naturally gluten free...and on the occasion I have seen Jill Brack's GF cookies Glow-that was a great find, or those GF KIND bars, but I really do not like those.  And I have seen Pop Chips, Pop Corners and plenty of junky food like that.  In this one bodega I found a new bar called NuGo Go Free, not only gluten-free and certified, but kosher (UV Pareve) too.  Also Vegan, Dairy-Free and Soy Free.  

This bar goes by NuGo and they come in 3 flavors.  The one I had was GF Dark Chocolate Trail Mix Bar.  The other two flavors you can get are GF Dark Chocolate Crunch and GF Carrot Cake.

This brand has many different kinds of bar catergories so the ones you want to look for are NuGo Free.  Free of all the bad things we cannot enjoy or eat.

Def try one!! Super delicious!

xoxo Julie


  1. Thanks for the post. This one is what I am looking for. Keep up the good work blogger.

  2. Thanks! These are sooo good!! It's too bad I can only find them at the airport. : ( I need to stock up, they are the perfect snack!


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