Saturday, March 10, 2012

Gluten-Free Watercooler-The Hurricane Club Restaurant

I just posted a great review on YELP for this restaurant.  And my post below is more detailed with pics.  First off it's very gluten-free friendly-there is no gluten-free menu but the waiter and chef will tell you exactly what they can do for you and how.  Phew!  A while back I posted a fabulous naturally gluten-free recipe from this fine NYC trendy restaurant menu...GF Chickpea Lettuce Wraps and now I am going to post the review from Yelp.

                                  **picture taken in 2011-that's me on the far right

The Hurricane Club is a transporting experience!  You walk in to what appears to look like a business and you are instantly transported into high ceilings, chandeliers and exclusivity.  It's Tiki Glam!  Drinking out of coconuts and lots of other fabulous concoctions.  You feel important when you dine there.  This is not your average restaurant, this is NYC...Gotta make it glam!  Written up many times in many magazines including Time Out Magazine, InStyle and many more it reminds me of Tao, but TIKI.  How cool is that?  It's easy to get to and the space inside is huge!  You feel like a million bucks without a million bucks leaving your wallet.

The food is meant to be shared, but I am gluten-free and therefore do not share (the portions are small enough that you can share or not or you can just order their larger entree's and not do any tapas).  It makes me so glad that I can go to such a trendy NYC spot and every waiter there knows and understands what a gluten-allergy or Celiac Disease is!!  This is major for me!! The chef and waitstaff are aware and on call, and can tell you exactly what can be prepared for you. Comfort for the gluten-free...  It rocks!  I cannot tell you how many people who are gluten-free are afraid to venture because of a gluten worry or a cross-contamination worry.  Fear not.  Mark my words gluten-free peeps! Venture.  It's well worth your time and tummy!  The menu is huge and the drink menu is super fun!  Think Gilligan's Island (a t.v. show aired from 1964-1967) meets glam and gluten-free friendly!  I don't think Ginger, Mary-Ann or the Professor had that luxury!  Can't top that.  A friend of mine even gets reserved seating!  He feels so special every time he goes.  And when there is a long wait?  They greet you with delicious glasses of champagne to thank you for your patience.  It's royal treatment when you dine at the hurricane club.

 I have been many times and I have never had a problem, whether its the chicken kebab or the Ceviche or even the veggies!  The entire space is gorgeous, and is well worth your time and efforts to go, especially if you are not from NYC-it's a great spot to report home about.  Try it.  Dine out and have fun!  To those that write negative reviews, you must be demented.  And I say this because the only downfall to this super fine dig, is that you may have slow service when its super busy-but when this happens? They compliment you with more food and drinks on the house!  You really can't go wrong here.

I didn't post this on Yelp, but I would even go the extra mile to say it is teen-friendly-if and only if your children are above the ages of 10.  If your family is posh or you are dining out on a special occasion I would say without fail you can bring your teens.

For those of you over 21? Well there is also a super cool night club/lounge below the restaurant, so eat well and get your dance moves on!

Check out their Menus and know your Gilligan's Island Chic retreat is only on 26th Street and Park Avenue South.  So close!  You don't need a boat to get yourselves to this trendy Tiki spot!

Enjoy! xoxo Julie

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