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My First Time at Daybreaker


Daybreaker is an a.m. sober dance party starting at 6a.m. - 9a.m..  These are rotating parties, never held at the same place and only held every two-three weeks.  The event is rotated throughout Manhattan (amongst other hot cities), and you never know where it's going to be until you get that email.  This is a word of mouth celebration of the present.  These parties are exclusive and a best kept secret.  You send an email asking to be invited, you wait for a confirmation that you have been invited, and about 1 week prior to the scheduled event you get the email.  That special email that gives you a password so you can buy tickets and rejoice in this beautiful experience.  Only at that point are you given a little more information.  Tickets are not expensive, and quite reasonable.

Sometimes there is one hour of yoga prior to the event, depending on where and when the event is held.  In addition to dancing, the party is sponsored by some awesome health and wellness brands that supply veggie juices, nut bars, coconut water and other awesome beverages all the while dancing to House music by some of the top D.J.'s.  There are dancers, people dressed in costumes and a host that provides inspirational shout-out's throughout the event.

Daybreaker MISSION:

The mission behind Daybreaker, is to remain in the present by dancing your face off and experiencing the love.  How does one stay in the present?  Stay sober, hydrate, dance, feel, experience, love and be the light.  You are here to witness miracles.  And you certainly cannot do that under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

I was lucky because it was gorgeously warm out for a Fall day at 6 a.m. 70 degrees.  No cardigan needed. The air was warm, the streets were surprisingly filled with people yet the city was quiet.  It was surreal.  This whole experience was surreal.

It was so weird for me to get up at 6 a.m. while it was still pitch black outside with the idea that I had to throw on night clothes yet it was only morning.  I had a carrot and plum juice prepared along with my decaf iced hemp coffee and a load of water because I knew I was going to need all of that to survive.  I downed all of this before I left.  I was ready!

                                            **my essentials-pre-party prep

Ready for a Bat Mitzvah meets Manhattan club scene meets Aerobics class with my flash tattoos, neon green necklaces and my groovy outfit that consisted of Kelly green bell bottoms and a Neon Pink top with dangling crystal earrings.  I really didn't know what I was in store for.  I wasn't given a lot of information, just a show up, and be there for an amazing morning.  

I walked out of my lobby confident and excited and got so many stares as If I was doing the walk of shame home.  My body was confused.  I was confused.  I couldn't believe I had followed through on my promise on getting up EARLY at the butt crack of dawn.  But this is what I was trying to correct by attending.

And what an experience it was!  We were one of the first ones there.  There was no alcohol to get people comfortable, there was actually no time for that.  It was all about the here, the now, the present.  And it was time to groove.  After 1 1/2 hours of straight dancing, my body was so exhausted I just swayed to the music with my eyes closed for the remaining last half hour.

Live, Love, Wander

And it wasn't just dancing.  It was dancing with a purpose.  Dance to enjoy.  Dance to love.  Dance to be.  And all before 9 a.m.  There were many other artists besides D.J.'s that blessed us with their musical presence.  I don't want to ruin it for you so mums the word.

After it was over, there were a few musical guest appearances, a poet and even a dog comedian!  It was so nice to see so many sober individuals yearning to have fun in their own individual ways.  So many like minds.  Like presences.  So much bliss.  I felt like I was in a space where miracles were cultivating.  This wasn't about drugs and partying.  This was about life and love.  And everybody there was present and kind natured.

"You win some, you loose some
But I say be glad you had some
We all have demons and wet dreams and insecurities and personal issues
We are all strong and weak 
We are one people with ONE mission
And that, is to live your life like your life depended on it
If people would stop judging us by the colors of our skins
and instead judging us by the color in our minds,
Life would be the greatest masterpiece on your canvas"



I have to admit after leaving Daybreaker, I couldn't walk for days, I was so sore!  I have never done such hardcore dancing at such an early hour for such a long time.  It was like a fun bootcamp.  It took me three days to get back on track, I felt like I was so jet lagged.  But the best part?  I corrected my sleeping pattern which is a gorgeous thing, since sleep is so sacred.

What I loved about this event, and what drew me to it was the idea to get exercise in and a lot of it, by doing it a very fun and embracing way.  Dancing to awesome music gets you pumped no matter what time it is.  It gets your adrenaline going, you get excited, your body and spirit enjoy grooving together and you get so much out of it mentally, physically and emotionally.

Would I do this experience again?  Was the question I received from all of my friends.

YES, YES, YES.  It was so fun and I got my workout on!

This crew put two of my favorite things together-music and dancing-how could I not do this again?

If you guys are curious, Daybreaker can be found on Instagram under the name Dybrkr-that's how I found them!  Warning-Once you find them, once you do the research, you are totally going to sign up!!  The moment I saw pictures, I knew I needed to be a part of this movement.

xx Julie

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