Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Alcohol and Beer: What is Gluten-Free?

I have been posting a lot of feedback on the zillion Celiac fan pages and group pages on Facebook, and one of the many questions I come across is regarding GF alcohol.  Which mixes are gluten-free, which hard liquors are gluten-free, what beer is GF and what is not.  There seems to be many articles and lists online, so I am here to blog about it.

Of course I love to blog about recipes and food products, but this is definitely a common topic that is worth discussing.

Here are a few links that I have found from the internet on GF alcohol lists that may be of help to those in question:


There are some on these lists that I don't agree with.  For example in many dessert liquors there is caramel coloring and caramel coloring has under 20ppm gluten according to the FDA.  Though the FDA states that this is suitable in being considered Gluten-Free, it is in fact not.  Even that small amount can effect some with Celiac Disease or a gluten-intolerance.  I for one, cannot have anything that has caramel coloring. This goes for Irish Cream, Kahlua, Sweet Tea Infused Vodka, Firefly, Chocolate Van Gogh vodka, Expresso Van Gogh Vodka and other various alcoholic beverages.

I also don't think that Whisky and Scotch are okay.  I have heard many people say that they steer clear of this altogether and there are some that say okay.  So you have to be the judge of your own body.  Just beware, if you feel symptoms this is probably why.




http://www.redbridgebeer.com/  (RedBridge GF Beer)

http://www.newgrist.com/          (New Grist GF Beer)

http://www.bardsbeer.com/         (Bards Tale GF Beer)

http://www.glutenfreebeers.co.uk/   (Green's Ale GF Beer)

http://www.mrgoodbeer.com/gf/  (GF Beer recipe)

http://northlandceliacs.fastmail.fm/shopping.html  (Twin Cities-GF Beer /which stores carry)

Hope this helps!!

xoxo Julie


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