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Gluten-Free Restaurants FRANCE

I am a member of Gluten-Free Faces.  This is a website that is simular to Facebook dedicated to those with Celiac or a Gluten-Intolerance.  They have forums and groups you can join.  Most recently I posted a question if anyone knew of some great GF restaurants in Paris and Nice.  I am going there with my mom (who is Celiac) and my sister in May.  So far I got a few great suggestions that I would like to share for those who are traveling.  I got most of this info from the website attached to this post:
Celiac Handbook France, but there are so many of us who don't want to float from website to website, so I have done the work for you.  You can scroll down below and find the info or you can click away.

One woman responded:
Here is a list for Paris. It is mostly shops, but there are some restaurants as well, hope it helps:  I checked this list, and there are about 57 options with many restaurants.  This is worth checking out.  And it's not only France.  You can search by Country!! This rocks!

Another woman responded:
I was in Paris during the summer last year and found this great place, Des si & Des mets located in Montmartre. It was a bit pricy, but if you do the 3 course meal it is well worth it. I ate there twice it was so delicious. I highly recommend the pistachio mousse for dessert and making a reservation at least 24 hrs in advance. Be ready for some hiking because its on a massive hill.  Located on 63 Rue lepic, 75018 Paris Metro Abbesses ou Blanche Tel: 01 42 55 19 61

Here is another link that will be helpful.  This is the Celiac Handbook France Guide to restaurants:


A deux pas du trois
101 rue Vieille du Temple
75003 Paris
Téléphone: 01 42 77 10 52
View Website »
Ask for assistance

Café Barge
5 Port de la Rapée
75012 Paris
Téléphone: 01 40 02 09 09
View Website »
Ask for assistance

Des si & Des mets
63 rue lepic
75018 Paris
Téléphone: 01 42 55 19 61
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Gluten-free menu available

Le Bombardier (British Style Pub)
2 Place du Panthéon
75005 Paris
Téléphone: 01 43 54 79 22
Ask for assistance

Le Charlain
23 rue Clauzel
75009 Paris
Téléphone: 01 48 78 74 40
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Ask for assistance

Miss Betsy
23 rue Guillaume Tell
75017 Paris
Téléphone: 01 42 67 12 67
Ask for assistance

168 rue Montmartre
75002 Paris
Téléphone: 01 40 13 08 80
Ask for assistance

Willi’s Wine Bar
13 rue des petits champs
75001 Paris
Téléphone: 01 42 61 05 09
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Ask for assistance


La Buissonniere & Le Moulin a Poivre

210 Rue Neuve
62100 Calais
Téléphone: 03 21 96 22 32
View Website »
Ask for assistance


Restaurant Chez Fred

31, bd Omer-Sarrault
11000 Carcassonne
Téléphone: 04 68 72 02 23
View Website »
Ask for assistance


Mas des Faïsses
07110 Chassiers
Téléphone: 04 75 88 34 51
View Website »
Ask for assistance


Auberge de Germ

65240 Germ
Téléphone: 05 62 99 90 86
View Website »
Ask for assistance


La Belle Demeure
5 rue Virecourt
16200 Jarnac
Telephone: 0033 545326849
View Website »
Gluten-free menu available


Hotel La Solitude

Passage St. Louis,
Avenue Bernadette Soubirous, BP83
65103 Lourdes Cedex
Téléphone: 05 62 42 71 71
View Website »
Gluten-free menu available


Toutes les Couleurs
26 rue Imbert Colomès
69001 Lyon
Téléphone: 04 72 00 03 95
View Website »
Ask for assistance


The Venetian Bar
29 Julien courses
13001 Marseilles
Téléphone: 04 91 47 34 34
Ask for assistance


Hotel La Maison Blanche
1796 Avenue de la Pompignane
34000 Montpellier
Téléphone: 04 99 58 20 70
View Website »
Ask for assistance


Ferme de Cupelin
198 route du Chateau
74170 Saint Gervais les bains
Téléphone: 04 50 93 47 30
View Website »
Ask for assistance


Creperie de L'Ecluse
7 Allées de Brienne
Téléphone: 05 61 12 46 45
Ask for assistance


Pascale Merle  
Parc St-James, Route de Grasse
06270 Villeneuve-Loubet
Téléphone: 06 74 94 58 45
Ask for assistance

Enjoy!  xoxo Julie


  1. Anonymous7/31/2011

    1. Does this exist?

    Parc St-James, Route de Grasse
    06270 Villeneuve-Loubet

    I couldn't find it..

    2. Do you know any gluten free restaurants in the Nice, Cannes, Mandelieu

    Thanks ;)) from Norway

  2. Anonymous1/05/2012

    I live in Nice and by far the best place for gluten free, vegetarian and organic food is 'Dame Nature' . It's about ten minutes outside of Nice in St Laurent du Var but well worth the trip. They are very gracious with offering any help they can to diet restrictions and even better, it tastes delicious! Make sure you book because it's super busy.
    Hope this helps
    Susan :-)

  3. Anonymous4/06/2012


    Can someone give me an idea of how pricey it is to eat Gluten Free in France? I'm traveling to Paris, Lyon, Montpellier, Carcassonne, and Bordeaux this summer and would like to get a good idea.

    Thank! From Maryland, USA

  4. I am going to find out for you from my mom, because I do not remember!! Stay tuned!!


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