Friday, February 5, 2010

Olive Garden Goes Gluten-Free

Great news!  I just heard that Olive Garden now serves Gluten-Free pasta!!  For all of you Olive Garden lovers, they serve a pre-packaged meal of gluten-free pasta with Marinara sauce and a salad with no croutons!  They even have it on their menu!!

Sadly the breadsticks are not gluten-free, which I remember as a college student as being the best part of the meal, but hey it's a start!

Actually I just checked their website, and there is a whole lot more that is offered as gluten-free!  So exciting!  Click HERE for Olive Garden's GF Menu.

For apps you can order their signature salad with Italian dressing (no croutons) or their Caesar Salad (no croutons).

For an Entree you can order:

Penne Rigatoni with Marinara Sauce GF

Steak Toscano GF

Herb Grilled Salmon GF

Mixed Grill Chicken GF

Mixed Grill Chicken and Steak GF

or Children's Grill Chicken GF

I love how the chain restaurants are finally understanding Celiac Disease.  It is great to see that this world is evolving, and from here with patience it only gets better!

xoxo Julie

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