Friday, February 12, 2010

Tu-Lu's Gluten-Free Bakery-A Taste of Magic



Out of all the gluten-free bakeries in Manhattan this one rules the roost and it is my favorite.  Since the day I showed up there a few years back to today.  I can tell you now that I have tried every single concoction this bakery creates and I fall in love every single time.  

The cupcakes are moist.  The frostings are creamy, the chocolate is decadent.  Her dairy-free and vegan versions are above and beyond.  In fact my all time favorite item in this bakery is the Vegan Brownie.  It's so rich, divine and thick in a very, very good way.  A beautiful, amazing, delicious way.  The vegan brownie always satisfies my chocolate cravings.  Even her Pies.  Oh dear lord, her pies.  I can tell you I used to hate Pie.  Always hated pie.  Now I love pie.  And I am thankful she does pie ordering for holidays like Thanksgiving.  Her breads, her donuts, her cookies, her bread stuffing crumbs (when she sells them), her sweet, her savory.  Her everything.  Tully's has outdone herself with this bakery, and lucky for those out there in Texas she has opened bakeries there too.  

My first visit to Tu-Lu's bakery which was back then called Tully's, I tried quite a few items.  I mean, I had to!  Tu-Lu's came around a bit after Babycakes NYC Bakery.  And before the rest of the gluten-free bakeries opened up shop in Manhattan.  Tu-Lu's Bakery was the first sugary sweet decadent bakery to hit town and it was a turning point in my gluten-free life!  To have a baker that understood Celiac Disease and a gluten-Intolerance because of her own struggles on her gluten-free journey, and therefore understood the lifestyle was comforting.  Because Tully had her own struggles, she then understood what it meant to feel deprived, what it meant to want and seek out a gluten-free baked good that tasted the same as the baked goods tasted pre-Celiac.  Pair that with a Southern upbringing, and we have ourselves an amazing bakery.

The first time I went to TuLu's, as I learned through the years wouldn't be my last, I bought a Gluten-free brownie, a Red Velvet Mini Cupcake (cuz let's face it, had I bought a regular cupcake I would have devoured that too) and a double fudge mini cupcake.  And I devoured all 3 items in less then an hour.  Should I even admit that?

When I think of Tulu's Bakery the words that come to mind are:







Do I need to continue?  

Her bakery is located in the East Village on East 11th Street between 1st and 2nd Avenues in the heart of downtown Manhattan.  It's a small cozy spot with a super friendly staff, and sometimes you can even catch Tully herself behind the counter.

She has a great website, available for catering, wedding cakes, birthday cakes, holidays and special occasions.

In fact my sister recently got married and her cake was made by Tu-Lu's bakery.  Gluten-Free fondant and all.  It was bliss.

Stop by Tu-Lu's today and snag yourself a piece of bakery delight!  

xx Julie

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  1. Anonymous2/12/2010

    I too have visited Tully's Bakery and, even though I am not gluten intolerant, I think everything Tully cooks is the BEST I HAVE EVER EATEN. I have been back 3 times to try more of her goodies!

  2. Anonymous2/12/2010

    i went to tully's this week and can honestly say i loved every thing about the place - the decor, the paninis, and THE CUPCAKES!!! also the cupcake tree painted on the wall is so cute

  3. I agree! I loved it!! It was so quaint and sweet, a perfect quiet bakery right in the heart of nyc. It's just what this city needs, and yes I agree, gluten free or not, you could not tell the difference. Clearly Tully had a great baking background to make these wonderful sweets! Spread the word, though I have only met Tully once on that day I visited the Bakery, she deserves the hype. Besides my own baked good I have not found one as good as Tully's. My fav. was the Vegan Brownie. OMG, so good!

  4. I, too, loved Tully's! Yes, it is SO liberating to walk into a bakery, and to know that everything is GF. I feel so grateful for this great place! And-- wonderful blog, Julie. Thank you for so vividly sharing your experience with us.


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