Tuesday, March 2, 2010

General Mills

Did you know that General Mills now has over 250 Products that are gluten free?  Take that Gluten Folk!!  

Live Gluten Free with General Mills.  I was lead to the General Mills website after researching Gluten Free Chex.  I was then prompted to a screen that asked me if I wanted a list for all of General Mills new gluten free options.  Well, hell yeah I do!  To now know that Betty Crocker frosting can be gluten free?  Is FANTASTIC!  I remember once eating a package while "pmsing" of course a partial tub of frosting, only to find out AFTER the fact that it was NOT gluten free.  And boy did I pay!  There is nothing like additional cramps around the time of your period.  

Click HERE for the list on General Mill's site of all the amazing goodies you can have GLUTEN FREE.  I'm telling you it's worth the click.  There is a huge list from Betty Crocker Frostings and cake mixes, to fruit roll-ups, Progresso soups, Yoplait Yogurt, Green Giant Veggies and more.  Wow!

You can even print a Pocket List off the site so you can carry it around in your purse!  

So take a look, life is just about to get sweeter! In a Gluten Free way.

Don't forget to click HERE for some amazing delicious Gluten Free dessert options!  YUM!

xoxo Julie


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