Thursday, March 11, 2010

Bone Suckin BBQ Sauces and Marinades

Finally some bone suckin sauce that is Gluten Free and FANTASTIC.  A lil bit of zing, a lil bit of zang and a lil bit of spice!  Woah!  It's a party in my mouth!!  The only Barbecue sauce rated #1 by Newsweek, Food and Wine and Health Magazine.

Check out their Bone Suckin Website and get yourself some of that zang!!

All of their sauces are GLUTEN FREE, all NATURAL, no HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP,  FAT FREE, CERTIFIED KOSHER and PAREVE.   I bet you are wondering how a sauce can be so good without all the "goodies" that are "so bad" be SO GOOD?  Sadly I cannot give you that answer.  I guess the secret is in the sauce, but what I can tell you, is that there WAS a PARTY in my mouth when I tried these super amazing marinades.

Now I saw these babies in my own regular supermarket Food Emporium.  Bone Suckin is sold everywhere!  That's what's so great.  No hunting around to those specialty markets.  It's right at your fingertips!  Woo hoo!

Bone Suckin Sauces that are gluten free have all been tested by a third party testing lab and shows less then 5ppm each!  (If you are curious as to what ppm means please take a look at my GF Tips page and Reading Labels page)

If you have certain questions give a shout out to Bone Suckin by calling 1-800-446-0947 (usa) or call 001-919-833-7647 International

Click HERE for:
Bone Suckin Habanero Sauce **spicy
Bone Suckin Mustard Sauce
Bone Suckin Salsa
Bone Suckin Seasoning and Rub
Bone Suckin Yaki  **Teriyaki -contains wheat, but less the 5ppm
And these babies come in small, large and gallon like sizes AND 12 packs!

Click HERE for:
Bone Suckin Mustard Sauce
Bone Suckin SWEET Mustard Sauce

Click HERE for:
Sampler Boxes and Baskets of some Bone Suckin Sauces

Click HERE for some Bone Suckin Recipe Cards

Click HERE for some Bone Suckin Grilling Tips

7 Tips To The Perfect Steak-Get some great Bone Suckin Tips on Steaks!!

Click HERE for Bone Suckin's Gluten Free info page

This website is great.  It's informational, it's bold, it's simple and it really reels you in to the Bone Suckin World of BBQ.

Their website allows you to shop, store an account, purchase gift cards and more.

Become part of the Bone Suckin World and get ready for your head to spin with the scent of GF BBQ!

Are your taste buds watering yet??

xoxo Julie

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