Monday, March 22, 2010

Gluten-Free Watercooler-Friedmans Lunch

Today in NYC the weather was yummy!  The air was warm and crisp and I didn't even need a jacket.  What a lovely day for brunch.  Luckily my brother and I already had plans.  He, who is not gluten-free suggests we go to Friedmans Lunch located in the heart of the Chelsea Market on 9th Ave. between 15th and 16th Street.  I was really glad he chose this place because I have read in so many other gluten-free blogs that they have a great gluten-free menu.  Perfect choice brother!

What's strange I think, is that I have never been to Chelsea Market in all of the ten years I have lived in NYC.  Shame on me!  The market looks less like a market and more of a long path of indoor bakeries, food spots, wine spots, Flower markets and grocery markets.  It's actually really cool!  The inside is rustic and wooden and I almost felt like I was in a ride at Epcot Center in Disney World.  When I walked in, I was overwhelmed.  There were so many people and a long maze/path of unknown road.  I asked the security guard where the restaurant was and he said all the way down to your right. I did not think I would be walking for a long time. Little did I know I'd be walking a path to the 'rabbit hole' in a complete confused daze.  That place is huge!  Not easy to find if you are a newbie.  Which I was.

It was casual when I walked in, almost like I didn't expect to see it here in NYC, maybe somewhere south.  Friedmans had a relaxed and homey atmosphere.  The wait staff was super friendly and inviting, and the food was fantastic. The menu isn't huge I have to admit, but there are great gluten free choices on the menu.  Everything on the menu with a asterisk/dot is gluten-free.  This is the first restaurant I have seen or been to besides Rissoteria that has gluten-free sandwiches.  I had the Blackened CatFish Sandwich with Collared Greens/Pickles and mixed greens.  Yum!  My brother had (also gluten-free) the Corn Grits with 2 eggs over easy and grilled shrimp, along with GF Sausage.  Double yum!  

GF Blackened Catfish Sandwich with Collared Greens and Pickles

Open faced Catfish Sandwich

GF Corn Grits with 2 Eggs over Easy and Grilled Shrimp

GF Sausage

Would I come back here? Absolutely!  I have already told my entire family about Friedman's Lunch.

Check out the Delivery Menu, the Brunch Menu and the Dinner Menu

xoxo Julie


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