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Ultimate Passover Gluten-Free Guide

What is Passover?  We all know that we can't eat Wheat or flour.  We all know that there are special things we need to eat for a certain amount of time and that Jews on this holiday must celebrate with a seder but what is the meaning of this holiday?  Passover is an 8 day celebration that is observed in the middle of Spring during the Hebrew month of Nissan.  It commemorates the emancipation of the Israelites from Slavery in ancient Egypt.  And, by following the rituals of Passover, we have the ability to relive and experience the true freedom that our ancestors gained...*to see more click HERE

I think we all know that when it comes to the Holidays, being gluten free can be pretty tough whether we are an adult or a child.  There's not other way around it.  For us with allergies or an intolerance especially with gluten or wheat, it's never an easy breezy holiday.  Whether dining out, or being invited to another person's home or just cooking the big meal on your own-it's never an easy task.  There is so much to worry about, what products are gluten free, what products are gluten free and kosher for passover, what candy is okay, how about faux Matzoh brands and making sure there is no cross contamination-but with my guide It finally can be easy breezy! 

I always have trouble when it comes to the holidays.  I have one side of my family that is super understanding of my situation, and the other-well not so much.  And that makes it even harder.  I almost wish that others that invite me over would have this list handy instead of asking me a zillion questions and therefore making my holiday stressful rather then peaceful, but alas, in an ideal world right?   So below is your gluten free supermarket for a gluten free Passover.  I have listed manufacturers, brands and items that are KOSHER for Passover and Gluten Free.  

To make this a bit more readable.  I have listed everything by it's brand name, with a few themed catergories towards the bottom.  If there is something that I have no listed, it doesn't mean it is not gluten free, it just means I didn't see it, or don't know about it.  

Your Gluten-Free Passover Product Guide:
 Manischewitz is a great brand for kosher and Jewish foods.  For a long time Manischewitz has had a great selection of gluten free products as well as gluten free and kosher for passover products.  There are soooo many gluten free products on this website like Marinara Sauce, Tomato Mushroom Sauce, Apple Butter, Borscht (all), Condensed Clear Chicken Consomme, Condensed Clear Chicken Broth, cooking sprays (all varieties),  grape juice, Homestyle potato Lake Mix (my favorite)!, Mini potato Knish Mix, Potato Kugel Mix, Potato Pancake Mix (another fav)!, Schav, Sweetened Potato Pankcake Mix (don't love),  Cappuccino Chip Macaroons, Caramel Cashew Patties, Chocolate Chip Macaroons, Chocolate Chunk Cherry Macaroons, Chocolate Frolic Bears, Max's Magic Lollycones, Chocolate Macaroons, Chocolate Morsels, Coconut Macaroons, Banana Split Macaroons, Toffee Crunch Macaroons, Fruit Slices, Mini Sour Fruit Slices,  Fudgy Nut Brownie Macaroons, Hazelnut Truffles, Honey Nut Macaroons, Horseradish (all), Mallo Cups, Marshmallows, Passover Noodles, Peppermint Patties, Potato Chips (all varieties), Potato Starch, Raspberry Jelly Bars, Rocky Road Macaroons, Salt, Swiss Chocolate Mints, Tender Coconut Patties, Ultimate Triple Chocolate Macaroons, Vegetable Oil, and Viennese Crunch.  **be careful with the egg noodles.  The noodles made from potato starch are gluten free, but MOST of them are made with wheat flour!  Check the ingredients!!

Dr. Praeger's has a great line of Gluten Free items!  I have tried almost all of them.  Out of their gluten free line they also provide a KOSHER for Passover Gluten Free line.  Their Kosher line is certified with the appropriate stamp and they won the KosherFest award for 2004.  Their gluten free variety consists of:  Passover Broccoli Pancakes, Passover Fish Sticks, Passover Fish Fillets,  Passover Fishies, Passover Potato Pancakes, Passover Spinach Pancakes and Passover Sweet Potato Pancakes.
(**Click HERE for their gluten free (not kosher for passover) list of products).  **Please also note that these items will be found in your frozen food section and can be bought at various specialty supermarkets like Westerly Market, Whole Foods, Health Nuts and more all over NYC, Brooklyn, Queens, Long Island.  For other locations click below and enter your zip code.
Click HERE for a STORE LOCATOR by zip code to find a supermarket nearest you!
These products are very Kid-Friendly and perfect for the little ones.
 Shabtai Gourmet -There's nothing like going to a bakery and being able to have everything they are offering.  And not to mention it's Passover, and you can still have it!  This is a bakery that is located in Long Island, but also sells it's products in neighboring supermarkets.  So if you don't live in Long Island, you can still get your sticky little fingers on these amazing cakes!  Shabtai Gourmet's products are also Casein Free, Dairy Free, Peanut Free, Lactose Free and Soy Free.  Wow, and it still is one of best bakeries that manufacturers it's own products.  Yum!  Shabtai Gourmet is Certified KOSHER and PAREVE otherwise known as "Dairy Free" by the Ok Kosher Supervision.  You can enjoy products like: Lady Fingers, brownie bites, Raspberry Roles, Apricot Rolls, Ring Ting Cupcakes, Swiss Chocolate Rolls, Devils Food 7 Layer Cake, Florentine Lace Cookies, Chocolate Chip Cookies, Sponge Cake Loaf, Rainbow Cookies, Melt Away Crumb Cookies, Bread Crumbs and the classic Mini Black And Whie Cookies and they are all GLUTEN FREE !!!!  **I highly recommend this brand for your Passover celebration.  Their foods are fantastic!  Since I live in NYC, I did some of the dirty work for you.  For retailers that sell Shabtai Gourmet in the New York City Area click HERE and HERE.  If you live in Long Island and would like to know which retailers sells Shabtai click HERE
Click HERE for the Store Locator by entering your zip code.
If you happen to be in the New York City area or the Murray Hill area Shabtai is sold at the 34th St. Gristedes!! woo hoo!  They are located right in front near the registers.  So exciting!  I stocked up!

Lucky for us there is shipping all over the Continental U.S.-Phew!  Just in case we can't get our hands on these fantastic goodies!!

Shabtai Gourmet sells to many different retailers across the board like Waldbaums, A & P, D'Agostino, Balducci's, Kroger's, Pathmark, Gristedes, Food Emporium, Stop and Shop, Wegman's and MORE.  These goodies are found everywhere!

Schicks Bakery has two pages on their website of gluten free and kosher/pareve for Passover goodies! Check out the Seven Layer Cake, Apricot Roll, Raspberry Roll, Chocolate Nut Roll, Chocolate Seven Layer Cake, Black and White Swirl, Praline Nut Roll, Strawberry Roll, Railroad, Nut Cake, Candy Brownie, Sponge Cake,  Nut Cake, Chocolate Chiffon, Nut Sponge Cake, Mandel Cake, Coffee Cake, Coconut Macaroons, Almond Macaroons, Walnut Macaroons, Chocolate Dipped Macaroons, Chocolate Nut Wafers and more...and that's just gluten free cakes and cookies!  These goodies look soooooo good!  You just have to take a gander!  Curious about Schicks bakery?

Reisman's Bakery-located in Brooklyn 110 Avenue O Brooklyn, NY 11204 has gluten free baked goods and items such as: and are sold in your local supermarket like Gristedes where I found their Rainbow Cookies gluten free!

Streits has an assortment of delicious gluten free macaroons in flavors like double chocolate and coconut.

Gefen  is another brand that has some gluten free products that are safe for Passover like their egg noodles and elbows.  I have been seeing this brand a lot lately in your local supermarkets like Stop and Shop or Gristedes.

Butterflake Bakery is another bakery that distributes their products to other retailers.  Baked goods like Passover Gluten Free Chocolate cake on or their 7 Layer Cake, Apricot Ring Cake and more!

Katz Gluten Free-has a great assortment of breads, cakes, cookies and can be found almost everywhere including Brooklyn, Long Island, NYC, Queens, Staten Island!   Just click HERE for a store locator. 

GF Matzoh and other items not listed by brand:

This matzoh is sold all over the world.  To find out exactly where this product is carried whether you be in England or New York click HERE for a list of distributors.

Lakewood is another brand that makes gluten free matzoh. (**this company also produces spelt and wheat matzoh, so make sure you ask for GF).  You can buy Online or buy at one of their Distributors,
Need a gluten free Matzoh Ball recipe? or how about a Matzoh Candy recipe?  

Passover wouldn't be the same without mazoh balls, and for those with a gluten intolerant? 
GF Matzoh Balls-These delicious options are pre-made and frozen.

 If you are breading your dishes this year you may want to check out gluten free passover friendly 'Bread Crumbs'

Check out Gluten Free Palace for gluten free matzoh safe for passover or for gluten free Matzoh by Shmura.

Did you know that Quinoa is Kosher for Passover?  Great news right?!  I think so!!

Now where can you find all of these things?  Your local supermarkets!  D'Agostino, Food Emporium, Gristedes, Whole Foods, Trader Joe's, Westerly Market, Fairway, Stop and Shop, King Kullen, Waldbaums, Pathmark, A and P, and more!  In addition to supermarkets you can also check your local kosher stores and bakeries.

Passover Jellies and Fruit Candies-Most of these are ok and gluten free, but it's really important that you check the ingredients to make sure.  Some may have hidden gluten.  Always check!  The Fruit candies are always my favorite!

Mich's Mac's are also a GREAT new Macaroon on the market.  Michelle is a baker residing out of East Hampton, New York and has three different flavors of chocolate covered Macaroons!  White Chocolate Covered, Dark Chocolate Covered and Milk Chocolate Covered.  I would insert a picture here, but I ate them all before I took a photograph!  Mich's Mac's are sold at specialty markets in the New York area.  Stay tuned for my review on Mich's Mac's.  These gourmet Macaroons are gluten free!  Yay!  I had met Michelle at an event in South Hampton, NY over the winter-time, and I am not even a Macaroon lover, but these were out of this world!  Check them out if you can.

Enjoy!  and have a healthy and happy gluten-free Passover!

xoxo Julie

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