Thursday, March 11, 2010

Sloppy Turkey Mash w/ Veggies

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In a large sauce pan on Medium heat saute the following ingredients:

2-3 TBSP light olive oil
A few pieces of already peeled garlic
5-10 drops of Sesame oil
1 TBSP Teriyaki GF Marinade
2-3 dash of pepper
1 package of lean ground turkey breast
1 splash of Soy sauce

Simmer on medium heat until cooked thoroughly, constantly stirring.  Once thoroughly cooked drain and put aside.


Peel Zucchini with a carrot peeler or zoodle maker and place in saute pan along with 2 TBSP Lime Olive oil.
Cut Red, Yellow or Orange Pepper in thin slices with a knife
Add 2 Tbsp. or more of Marsala GF cooking wine
Add 2-3 dash of Rosemary (dried)
Add 1 dash of Garlic powder
Add 2 dash of Basil (dried)

Simmer Veggies on low to medium heat for about 10 minutes.  Cover pan with lid for faster cooking.  Add Marinara sauce to veggies and stir.  Cook the veggies in the sauce for about 5 minutes and add the already cooked turkey to saute pan.

Simmer until cooked.

Serve as a Veggie Meat Mash or Serve as a 3 layer Mash ** See Pics

**Picture above is made as a MASH

**Picture above is made as a 3 Layer Meal

**for a more filling meal add in gluten free hamburger buns and eat sloppy Joe style.

xoxo Julie

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