Thursday, March 11, 2010

WildFire Restaurant-Atlanta

As I usually only blog about New York City and it's neighboring area's a friend of mine told me that one of her favorite restaurants in Atlanta, Georgia has a huge gluten free menu.  Of course the moment I heard this I asked what it was called.  I googled it, and on their website is a huge gluten free menu available for download. 

The restaurants is called Wildfire and it caters to those who love steak, chops and seafood.  It is a chain and located in other states such as Illinois, Virgina, Minnesota and Atlanta.  WildFire was voted "Most Popular Restaurant in Chicago for 08, 09 and 10.  It's Atlanta location is on 94 Perimeter Center West, Atlanta Georgia 30346.  Tel: (770) 730-9080

This menu is mouth watering!  They even have burgers served with gluten free buns!  Gluten free pizza's, gluten free surf and turf, steaks, seafood, salads like baked goat cheese, sea scallop skewers, portobello mushroom and steak skewers, sandwiches, potato galore, salad galore, veggies, desserts and BEER!  (redbridge).  I wish this restaurant was located in my neighborhood!!

Click HERE for WildFire's photo gallery

Click HERE for the list of menus including the Gluten Free menu.

Click HERE for the Atlanta gluten free menu

Click HERE for the Chicago Illinois gluten free menu

Click HERE for the Oakbrook, Illinois gluten free menu

Click HERE for the Lincolnshire, Illinois gluten free menu

Click HERE for the Schaumburg, Illinois gluten free menu

Click HERE for the Glenview, Illinois gluten free menu

Click HERE for the Eden Prairie, MN gluten free menu

Click HERE for the McLean, Virginia gluten free menu

Each menu varies slightly due to location.  Your server will gladly explain modifications on their regular menu.  Wildfire is open on Easter Sunday from 3pm-8pm and Mother's day from 12pm-9pm.  

Since I have never eaten there, I would love any reviews or feedback on this post.  Let me know how it is! 

xoxo Julie

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