Friday, April 23, 2010

Gluten-Free Watercooler-Blue Fin Restaurant

Hello ladies and gents!  Good news from sunny New York City.  It's a beautiful day outside, and I come bearing great gluten-free news!  As you all should know in case you don't, BRGuest restaurants do a fantastic job with gluten-free friendly foods.  BRGuest restaurants include Dos Caminos, Atlantic Grill, Ruby Foo's and now BlueFin (and more).

Blue Fin has a great ambiance, and luckily for us the chef is super gluten-free friendly!  He can create almost anything on his menu's gluten-free.  He can even switch the sauces and create them to be gluten-free.  Or, if you are a gluten-free eater and a picky eater he can take the gluten-free sauce from one dish and make it with a different dish!!  Fantastic right?  And, drumroll please, wheat-free soy sauce is the icing on the cake!  At this restaurant the entire waitstaff is super gluten-free friendly.  All you have to do is say the word, and they alert the chef immediately, and on top of that can offer you on the spot an array of dishes that can be catered to your gluten-free diet!  I know, you are cavelling!  Just like I was.

Now.  Some might worry that it's a stroke of luck that Bluefin can cater gluten-free with a small dinner party or a party of 2.  But even if you have a large party event there, they will be sure to cater to you!

I was just at Blue Fin last night for a date and I had no worries what-so-ever with their menu.  In fact it's such a huge menu of wonderful seafood and sushi, that I was able to choose from so much.  So for those of you who are still afraid to date and be gluten-free, FEAR NOT!  I also went to a bridal shower there, and with a large party of over 100-they were still able to cater to me and were very up and up with Celiac disease.  Bravo!

Check out there wonderful menu's and enjoy! 

 Dinner Menu

Lunch Menu

Brunch Menu

xoxo Julie

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