Thursday, May 6, 2010

Wegmans Market

News just in!  For those of you that live near the Supermarket Wegmans, you guys are in luck!  Besides markets like Westerly and Whole Foods, I'd like to invite another supermarket revelation!  Wegmans, a huge market retailer which has various locations, including Syracuse, NY has an entire gluten-free section dedicated to the foods we can love!

For a list of their Gluten-Free Products, click HERE

Their website can even help all of you who are "gluten-free NEWBIES", with a Video on going gluten-free, or FAQ on Celiac Disease or a Gluten-Intolerance, helpful aids on shopping gluten-free, support groups and additional resources and even Shopping GF and gluten-free cooking and meal plans.  This market is a one-stop-shop to all of your gluten-free needs both mentally and physically!  

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