Friday, June 11, 2010

Hale & Hearty Soups

Since I am on the topic of lunch time I will let you all know that Hale & Hearty  now also carries gluten-free soups!  Their soups behind the counter each have their own card that will identify the soups ingredients and if it is dairy free and/or gluten-free.  It will provide all ingredients to each of their soups.

When approaching the counter on a particular soup as if the soup is gluten-free.  If their waitstaff looks at you funny which sometimes happens (not everyone will understand your allergy), politely ask if you can see the back of that soups card to verify if it is gluten-free.  If it doesn't say in caps gluten-free do not eat it.  But if it does, it's a winner.

You also have to understand that although these places do serve gluten-free soups, know that cross-contamination is going to occur.  Hale & Hearty confirms that they do not make their soups in seperate utensils and that contamination could occur.

Now always know that anything with barely is NOT gluten-free, so always steer clear of that one.

Hale & Hearty also carries rice krispie treats that say on their ingredients label "may contain wheat".  Do not eat this!  Rice Krispies are NOT gluten-free, even though there is Rice in it.  So that "may contain wheat" label should really say "contains wheat" "contains gluten".  Just in case you were unsure, I am now clarifying it for you.  Steer clear.


xoxo Julie

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