Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Kinnikinnick Vanilla Glazed Donuts

Since going gluten-free over four years ago, I said goodbye to donuts...not that I needed them anyway, but a donut and gluten-free...and good?  It seemed highly unlikely...

Until now.

They are addicting.  Delicious.  So good.  No joke.  Warm them up.  Beware, you may eat the whole box!

These donuts are not only gluten free, but wheat free, dairy free and soy free.


xoxo Julie



  1. Hey Julie,

    I work with Kinnikinnick on the social media side and wanted to thank you for your posting!! The glazed are definitely one of my favorites as well:) Look for us on Twitter (GF_insider) and Facebook. I look forward to reading future posts!

  2. Hey Dave, I defintely will! I can't wait to try the other ones. They were sooooo good I was in heaven!


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