Friday, June 11, 2010

Gluten-Free Watercooler-Nicks Restaurant

I work in the garment district of NYC, and what I find so hard is lunch time.  What is gluten-free in the plethora of "take-out" restaurants so to speak that have sandwiches on the go, soup on the go and salad on the go...of course you cannot go wrong with those tossed salads if you steer clear of croutons and dressings but I honestly don't want to eat lettuce every day.  It gets boring after a while. 

I found out about this amazing small eatery right on 39th street (inside the Donna Karen buliding) that has fantastic veggie burgers that are gluten-free.  They are bound together with brown rice, and there are no gluten fillers.  Wonderful news!

I usually get two veggie burgers atop a garden salad which is called the Veggie Burger Platter minus the bread and call it a day.

Their tacos are also gluten free!  Their tacos are 100% corn.  They are soft and are made with your choice of the following: Steak, Salmon, Pork or Chicken.  The meat is grilled and topped with Guac.  So good!!

I suggest you call ahead about 1/2 hour to place your order, as this hidden gem gets super busy!!

Nicks is located exactly at 550 Seventh Avenue at 39th Street.  Be careful, you could miss it!  It's behind the industrial door with a very small sign.

If you do get the chance to swing by, you will see it is so worth it!

xoxo Julie

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