Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Mixes From The Heartland-Spinach Dip

Many months back I won a "gluten-free mix giveaway" from Mixes From The Heartland  I was super psyched because I have never won anything in a contest before and was even more excited that it was something I could put to use.  I received 1 huge box filled with tons of mixes from dip mixes to dessert mixes to dinner and soup mixes.  Wow.

Last night I made the Spinach -N- Chives dip mix.  It was great!  All I had to do was add sour cream.  I tasted more of the chives then the spinach.  It's a great dip to make if entertaining.  Serve it with chips or crackers.  This I recommend as quick and easy.  Everyone needs these recipes sometimes.

xoxo Julie

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