Sunday, September 19, 2010

Christina's Market

For those of my readers that are Jewish, I hope you all had an easy fast!  I was home this weekend for Yom Kippur and upon arrival it had occurred to me that I had forgotten to bring my frozen gluten-free bagels with me for Break-Fast.  I was annoyed.  I thought, where was I going to get GF Bagels in Muttontown, Long Island, and on Yom Kippur.  Arrgh.

My sister and I were out picking up bakery platters when I phoned my step-mom.  She's not so up on the gluten-free lifestyle, but I remembered her mentioning a market nearby that has a gluten-free section.  She reminded me that it was called Christina's.  This is a gourmet market in East Norwich, Long Island.  It is a supermarket that has a bit of everything with that WholeFoods ambiance.  It's gourmet.

Chocolate Covered Coconut in divine Milk, Dark or Vanilla Chocolate

Upon walking in I thought for sure that the gf section would never be as big as Whole Foods or Westerly Market.  I was proven wrong.  I have never seen such an amazing section and selection!  I was in awe.  I whipped out my Blackberry and started snapping pics in the freezer section.  They had everything from gf burritos to gf pizza pies, an array of gluten-free bagels like Udi's, Glutino and Rudi's.  They had gf cakes, cupcakes, sweets and donuts, frozen gf dinners and muffins.  Tons of brands, and all the good ones.  I was so shocked.  My five minute run-in with my sister in the car ended up being a 20 minute "to do".  Poor Jen, sitting in the car waiting, fasting, not having a clue what i'm doing in the market.  I turn around to their cracker/cookie/pasta aisle and I am blown away.  Tons of pasta brands, shells, spagetti, rigatoni and more.  Crackers galore, gf ice cream cones, ice creams, cookies like Mary Gone Crackers and Glutino; chocolate chip, wafers and more.  This is seriously gluten-free heaven.

Ice cream cones, cake mixes, bread sticks, cookies all gluten free!

Pasta, bread crumbs, cookies and breakfast bars, all gluten free!

Brands like Mary Gone Crackers, Glutino, Josef's, Cherry Brook Farms, 
Udi's, Rudi's, Against The Grain and MORE!

And for the first time I am seeing in a supermarket gf Pound Cake!  

I was so excited to see 4 different types of Udi's bread, that I stocked up!  It is so hard to get Udi's breads in NYC.  Sometimes the stores have them, and sometimes it's sold out.  They are kept freshest in the freezer, so why not stock up...less trips to the market for me. 

The biggest bread selection I have ever seen at a Market!

I came home to tell my step-mom that Christina's was amazing.  She said I told you so.  When she originally told me I really didn't believe that the section could be so great.  For that reason I never went to check it out.  Now that I have I can surely say that I would go there over Whole Foods any day!  The section is more condensed.  It's 2 aisles filled from floor to ceiling gluten free products.  It's not spread out like Whole foods and other markets.  


xoxo Julie

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