Sunday, September 26, 2010

Dr. Gullo's Diet Treats

Two weeks ago I was visiting my family in Long Island when I noticed how much weight certain family members had lost.  I was shocked.  It was a good 20-30 pounds!  I said to both, how did you loose so much weight and what diet are you on?  They told me point blank Dr. Gullo. 

Dr. Gullo believes that if you follow a strict plan that includes 3 meals and 2-3 snacks per day you will lose weight, but the catch is that your meals and snacks must be healthy and portioned.  (For example: natural popcorn, 7 strawberries, 1 Chocolite Bar, 1 apple, fiber Crisps, Greek Yogurt as snacks and plenty of fish, chicken and greens for meals...).

He recommends these Chocolite Bars.  Chocolite bars have a lot of protein and fiber.  This bars keeps you full and in addition gives you that chocolate fix you wouldn't be able to have on other diets.

These bars are low in fat and only 95-115 calories per bar with great flavors like Chocolite Turtle, Cookies And Cream, Cashew Caramel, Triple Chocolate Fudge, Peanut Butter Bar, Coconut Almond and Smores. The best part is they are gluten and wheat free.  Yay!  I was shocked to see that a yummy bar like this that is used for diet plans was gluten-free.  

These bars are even acceptable for the Atkins and Weight Watches diets!  You can also navigate the site by how those on a Weight Watchers Diet use these bars, or how a person on a low sugar/low carb diet uses these bars.  There are many ways to navigate the website where you can purchase these bars.

Another great product from this nutritionist and website are the Vita Bites.  These are like the size of a miniature Peppermint Patti and is filled with Caramel and covered in Milk Chocolate.  The catch?  An ever so slight after taste, because there is 1000 units of Vitamin D and 500 IU of Calcium.  These two vitamins can run deficient when a patient is diagnosed with Celiac Disease.  And the Caramel version is Gluten-free and Wheat Free.  Score! 

I absolutely love these products, and there is no added sugar in any of them.  Sweet!  I strong recommend these products.  You'll be shocked when you try them.  So good!

xoxo Julie

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