Sunday, September 12, 2010

Gluten-Free Watercooler-D'Agostino's Grocery on 38th and 3rd

Loving that D'Agostino's on 38th Street and 3rd Ave has a small gluten-free section! That's good news.  Well, not all D'Agostino locations has a gluten-free section.  The section was not huge but it was big enough to hold a variety of gluten-free products like bars,  pastas, cookies, wafers, breadcrumbs and more.  D'Agostino's is now carrying Schar, Lara Bars and Glutino.

The items I grabbed were Schar Bread Crumbs, Schar Chocolate Wafters, Schar Shortbread with Chocolate and Glutino Pretzels.

So if you are in the Murray Hill NYC neighborhood don't forget to stop by their 38th and 3rd avenue location.


xoxo Julie

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