Monday, October 18, 2010

Daily Candy's Tomato Mascarpone Cupcakes

Hello again!

I just have to blog this amazing recipe I found on  Everyday at work I get an article or two from  Sometimes its about the latest fashion designers, or the best places for kid's bday parties, food and beverage, culture beauty, home and garden...  What I'm saying is, it is a bit of everything.    On September 21st, my mouth watered as I saw the picture of this amazing cupcake posted in an article called Tomato Soup Cupcakes with Marscarpone Frosting.  YUM, YUM, YUM!  What a bizarre mixture, but I am convinced it will taste like nothing more then a masterpiece.  I am convinced.

My boss thought I was nuts for printing this out, (and furthermore) taped to my fridge in my kitchen.  I am going to make these cupcakes when I have a baking moment.  In the meantime, I didn't want to hort this recipe all to myself.

Now the recipe calls for regular flour.  I just convert mine using Robyn Russell's Rice Flour Blend or any other flour blend you might have on hand.  And make sure when you buy the tomato soup you buy a gluten-free kind like Imagine Soups.


xoxo Julie

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