Monday, October 18, 2010

Gluten-Free Gummy Vitamins

I bet you never thought that there would be gluten in vitamins.  I bet you never thought you would even have read the labels on a jar of vitamins.  You do.  Whether you have been leading the gf lifestyle for a day, a year or even ten.  It is always important to check the label.  Sometimes labels and ingredients change.

I was browsing CVS earlier this evening in search of chewable vitamin C.  For me.  Yes, I am the adult who likes the chewable Vit. C tablets.  CVS didn't even have them, which on it's own was a mini catastrophe, but it got me into looking at labels.  I picked up a jar of Flintstones gummy Vitamins only to find that they were NOT gluten-Free.  I was shocked.

Flintstones is a very common brand used with most parents.  And many parents may not know that their GF children are ingesting gluten.  Many a times a parent might not be able to figure out where the contamination is coming from, and it's events like this, where the culprit is staring at you in the face.  You'd be surprised where hidden gluten lies.

This got me thinking, are all gummy vitamins gluten-free? or do most contain wheat/gluten.  So I took a gander down the aisle and checked out all of the gummy brands on the shelf.  To my surprise most were gluten-free with the exception of a few like One-A-Day Sours and Flintstones-those are NOT gluten-free.

One-A-Day lists Wheat as their first top allergen.

                                                    CVS Gummie Swirls are gluten-free

                                                  CVS Daily Gummies are Gluten-Free!

Centrum Kids is NOT GLUTEN-FREE!!!

See? Under Contains, It mentions Wheat as it's third allergen!! Mom's out there! Be careful what your GF child ingests!!

But on the bright side...

Disney Makes a Gummie that is GLUTEN-FREE.  This one is for Vitamin D.  An important Vitamin that is sometimes found as a Vit. Deficiency for those diagnosed with Celiac Disease.

It's good to know that even generic brands like Vitafusion are careful about their gluten content.  This is another yummy Gummy that is GLUTEN-FREE.

A little GF advise just in the nick of time.  Flu Season is on its way!


xoxo Julie


  1. I enjoyed reading your Blog.Taking Omega 3 Gummy or supplements is something many need to do in order to keep your health intact and your body up to par—particularly during flu season, keep your medical charts as clean as you can, and stay on track with your daily “To Do” list specially for kids.

  2. Agreed Neil. I think many parents might not be aware that wheat and gluten can sometimes lurk in vitamins, especially the gummy ones. And when dealing with a newly diagnosed child with Celiac Disease it is imperative that parents become more aware.


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