Wednesday, October 13, 2010

There is a God-Gluten-Free Licorice

I don't know about you, but I HEART Licorice.  It's too bad that MOST licorice brands contain wheat starch or some form of wheat in their ingredients.  When I went gluten-free I said goodbye Good and Plenty, goodbye Twizzlers and all those other brands like Panda and such.  Total bummer!

Even throughout the course of my gluten-free existance I found Austrailian brands that were gluten-free, but then upon receiving them and checking the ingredients I noticed Carmel Coloring.  Carmel coloring is a big no no culprit for me.  Some Celiac's can tolerate carmel coloring, and according to the FDA since it is under 20ppm of gluten it is acceptable.  But it is not 100% gluten-free.  So if you are sensitive like me, then this ingredients needs to be knocked off your "safe" list.  Now don't get confused with Caramel and Caramel Coloring.  They are different.  The first one is ok, the second is not.

Oh what to do, what to do.  So many dilema's going gluten-free.  Dilema no more!  Today my boss was craving licorice so she ordered her favorite off a fantastic website called Licorice International, and she just informed me that they have gluten-free candy!  She sent me the link and their licorice is made from the finest and non-artificial ingredients!  I checked myself!  So of course I am going to order some, and if the gluten-free versions are as good as my boss's favorite types, then this is a heaven-sent website!  They have cherry, black, creamy licorices!! and assorted candies, chewy, soft and hard.  YUM!


xoxo Julie

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