Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Orgran Licorice

Well, the truth is in the title of this post.  I heart GF Licorice.  But so hard to find.  Another UK brand creates a masterpiece with Orgran's black licorice.  It is soooo good!  Made with Molasses instead of wheat starch, you'll end up eating the whole bag!  

If you are a lover of licorice like me, you may have just found your bite of heaven.  I kid you not.  You may not know it, but most licorice brands use some form of wheat in their ingredients.  Sad but true!  Brands like Twizzlers and Panda both use wheat starch.  Brands like Orgran, Candy Tree and Jelly Belly (Licorice jelly beans) either use molasses or corn starch.  These two ingredients are both safe.


xoxo Julie

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