Thursday, December 9, 2010

Crave Bakery

Crave's Bakery Mission Statement for those with the Gluten-free and Casein-Free Diet: 

"At Crave, our mission is for our products to be so scrumptious that you'll forget your cravings for traditional baked goods made with wheat and butter!"

Another fabulous bakery makes its mark!  Yippie!

Born in San Fran, now a wholesaler who sells to many states in the U.S. including San Fran Bay area, Arkansas, California, Foothills, Central California, Central Coast, Greater Sacramento Area, Southern California, Colorado, Kansas, Louisiana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Oregon, Texas, Utah and Washington.  Too bad not NY.  But one day I am confident this brand will make its way east.

Their products look amazing.  They are beautifully crafted and from what I hear quite amazing.  I have to get my hands on these products in 

They have scrumptious brownies, beautiful cakes, cupcakes, delicate tarts and cookies!  There is nothing like an amazing Dark Chocolate or Toasted Pecan Brownie, each individually packaged or packaged as "mini's" in plastic tubs.  This is the Brownie that got the ball rolling at this bakery!  Crave made their mark with this fantastic packaged brownie.  Guess it goes to show not everything has to be wrapped with a pretty ribbon to taste gourmet.

Next are there square shaped Blondie cookies with huge chocolate chunks.  My mouth is watering writing this post.  I've got to get me some Crave!  

...and their cupcakes that I would seriously devour in a heartbeat.  The frosting so creamy compliments its spongy cake.  And there are 4 different much to choose from!  You have the Confetti Cup cake, Chocolate cupcakes and Vanilla Cupcakes.

And for those who need GFCF cakes for multiple people there are always Crave's Cakes.  Crave's cake flavors consist of Mama Z's Chocolate Cake (served in restaurants in San Fran), 6" decorated cakes and 8" Sugar-Free Cheesecake!  YUM!!

Last but not least the Tarts.  I leave them for last, because these are really good.  And I don't even like tarts!  Between their four flavors you will find a love.  A favorite.  From their Lemon Tart, to Pumpkin to their 4" Apple Frangipane Tart and their 4" Apricot Frangipane.  Double, triple and fourple YUM!  If that is even a word.

And the BEST part!!?? These fantastic desserts are GLUTEN-FREE AND CASEIN FREE.  How much does that rock?

And to answer your questions in case you are wondering...

-yes, Crave makes custom cakes for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, office parties and any other event.

-yes, Crave does mail order

-yes, Crave tests their products for gluten presence

-yes, Crave's bakery goods are Kosher

-yes, Crave's bakery products are suitable for those who are Autistic and need to follow the GFCF diet

-no, Crave's bakery goods are not suitable for those who practice a Vegan Lifestyle

-yes, Crave makes sure they avoid any kind of cross-contamination and only produce their products on gluten-free lines.

Check it out for yourself!! You don't have to CRAVE anymore!!

Enjoy! xoxo Julie

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