Sunday, December 26, 2010

Spangler Candy Canes

Spangler Candy Canes are gluten-free! (All Spangler candy is, and is made on GF equipment.  In fact their entire factory is free of gluten-fyi)

In case you didn't know, and this post is super late, almost past the point...but just in case you didn't know...Most candy canes are NOT gluten-free.  It's a real shame.  And who knew?!  I mentioned Candy Canes in my Gluten-Free 101 section while talking of Hidden Gluten about a year ago, but I will mention it here in more depth.  

Last year when I had my tree up, and kept taking all the candy canes and eating them, a bit here and a bit there.  After about 3 days, I started to REALLY notice my Gluten symptoms (hair loss, hives, breakouts...the whole 9 yards).  But I kept thinking it was something else.  Something I was ingesting and not realizing.  I racked my brains trying to figure it out and only came up with cross-contamination.  Never thinking the candy I was eating daily during the holidays was causing such havoc.  

I finally had an inkling on the candy canes.  I then did some research.  Just in case.  And to my surprise, I am right.  The candy canes themselves do not use gluten ingredients, but the coated flour cellophane wrapper does.  If you ever wonder how these candy canes lay so nicely and neatly in their clear wrapper you can thank Wheat flour.  Most companies spray coat the wrappers with flour.  It makes sense.  A sticky substance? How would they get that in the wrapper so nicely? Ah.  Flour.  Similar to when baking a pie or a cake.  How does the cake come out without rips and tears on the sides? We usually have to coat the sides.  Whether it be flour, butter or cooking spray, something has to be the coating.

So keep this in mind while thinking candy canes are innocent.  Because they really are not unless they are Spanglers.  Kids and adults of all ages will feel the symptoms.  And symptoms in each child and adult of all ages is different.  Where I may have hair loss, hives and stomach pains, you may have constipation, migranes and severe acne.  It varies.  But the moment you notice something "off".  Look at what you are eating.  And even the things you think are harmless.  

You can find Spangler candy canes almost anywhere, so yay on it being so widespread!  In NYC, try CVS, Duane Read, Food Emporium, Whole Foods, Gristedes, D'agostino's, Wallgreens, Wal-Mart and more!


xoxo Julie

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