Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Breakers-Beach Club Restaurant

Ok, here is what is exciting.  I am loving how Gluten-Free knowledge is evolving.  Yes, you heard me...You will start seeing places that were not gluten-free before are suddenly gluten-free friendly or better.  It's exciting.  It exhilarating!  And it gives me a peace of mind.

Every Presidents weekend/week I go with my family to Palm Beach Florida.  I love it.  And every time I get on that airplane I think "oh no, what am I going to eat"?.  My family always dines out and I'm always stuck with a salad and no dressing.  Ugh.  There are never options.

But this year there has been a change.  And in this situation, change is good!  Change is GREAT!
Now their menu states GF next to each meal option that can be prepared Gluten-Free.  Awesome!  Now there are not a ton of options, but 4-5?  Great start!  Of course the burgers and the fries are off limits, but hey we gotta start somewhere right?

There are a few salads offered gf, as well as a Chicken Satay option, Shrimp options and a few spicy sushi options.  Yum!  One of these days these places will get gluten-free desserts and stop putting thickeners and bread crumbs in their burgers.  Maybe even one day use a different oil batter for their amazing fries.  But I am getting ahead of myself.

At least I can enjoy a great lunch with my family and not worry.

And Just like the Houston's waitstaff, the Beach Club Waitstaff at The Breakers are also very gluten-free friendly.  They understand the allergy, and their GF foods are also prepared separately.

Good deal!

3 cheers for The Breakers!

Enjoy!  xoxo Julie

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