Thursday, February 24, 2011

Chocolate Egg Cream

**found in Gourmet Magazine February 2002

 Makes 1 drink.

 Active time: 5 minutes

 Many years ago, this delicious New York fountain drink was actually made with eggs, but its been a long time since anyone's seen that version!  If you are a serious egg cream lover, use a seltzer siphon to get the best foam.

1/2 cup chilled whole milk
Chilled seltzer
1/4 cup gf chocolate syrup

special equipment: a long-handled spoon; a seltzer siphon (optional)

1.  Pour milk into a 16-ounce glass and place spoon in glass.  Pour seltzer or squirt if using siphon into glass to reach 1/2 inch below rim.  (A snow-white foam will develop.)
2.  Pour syrup into center of white foam, then stir in syrup and remove spoon through center of foam

 Enjoy!  xoxo Julie

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  1. I love Egg Creams!! My dad used to make us these for dessert all the time when we were growing up. They are so easy to make, gluten-free, yummy, and a good way to get kids to drink milk.


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