Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A burst of Gluten-Free Liquid-Gushers

Gushers, Fruit Roll-ups, Gummy Candies, Licorice, Sour Straws, Gummy snacks.  Ahh, those days... Those days I didn't worry about the ingredients or the calorie intake.  I could sit home watching TV and eat an entire box of Fruit Roll-ups and never feel sick (whether it be gluten induced or junk food crap stomach-ache induced).  I could eat candy, chocolate and ice cream for eternity.  I used to dream candy and processed junk food like it was my job.  The only thing I needed to worry about was cavities.  As a kid and a teen I seemed to have a very fast metabolism, and never had to worry about gaining weight.  I somehow just lost it.  So it was cavities.  

As a child my mom did the grocery shopping so I didn't need to worry about reading labels, decoding ingredients and sounding out the gluten from the side ingredient list on the box.  Does this have gluten? Is this an additive? a thickener? hidden gluten? aye aye!.  But like I said, I didn't have to worry, or think to worry that what I was eating was destroying me.  Not yet at least.  I hadn't been diagnosed.

Fast forward...

In 2006 I embarked on my Gluten-Free journey.  Buzz Kill much?! Ugh.  Not that I would sit and eat barrels of fruit roll-ups like I did when I was a kid, but what if I wanted licorice or gummy's?  I was forever banished from my favorite junk food candy.  Oh well, can't win that battle.  I moved on.

Fast Foward...

In the last year "labeling" has reached a whole other level.  I am noticing that many labels are identifying more information.  If it says Modified Starch, it will indicate whether it is wheat or corn derived.  Labels have more details.  More packaging actually says "gluten-free".  Some labels even promote it with fancy lettering or oversize colorful lettering with squiggly marks and such!  It's great to finally see some recognition.

Speaking of info, I was hanging out at my parents house and my 15 year old brother (such a knowledgeable boy)! advised me that Gushers Fruit crap candy that all kids love is in fact GLUTEN FREE.  Yippie Yi Ya!  In Lieu of this news I celebrated by consuming an entire box : 6 packages by the way of gusher sour gummy goodness just because I finally found out I could have it.  I had felt deprived and needed not just one package but the entire box.  I can tell you  now? Never again!  Sick to my stomach.  No gluten, just processed crap.  (Well over 800 calories in snacks).  I guess my 34 year old stomach cannot handle what my 15 year old stomach could.  LOL.

          Check out those magic words highlighted in purple!! 

To those kiddies and parents out there-Even though this is not the healthiest snack, and has lots of sugar, it is gluten-free!

Happy Gluten-Freeing!

xoxo Julie

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