Saturday, May 28, 2011

Papayas in Vanilla Syrup

How gorgeous is it outside? Ugh! It's delicious.  So warm and sunny.  The air is light, the sky is clear blue and I am so excited to finally have tasted Summer's first days.  Summer makes me want to go to the  Farmer's Market and go crazy with fresh summer veggies and watery fruits.  Everything is so fresh, it is as if you are at that deserted road in the country at the farm stand getting it fresh or even picking it yourself.  Delightful.  It's Memorial Day weekend and nothing better then fresh Summer Gluten-Free meals throughout the weekend.  Enjoy!

***found in 2010 magazine
from member: PAPERPALATE

1 cup Coconut sugar (original recipe calls for regular sugar)
1 cup water
1 medium lime
1/2 of a vanilla bean or 1 tsp. gf vanilla extract (pure, not imitation)
2 large papayas, peeled, seeded and cut into chunks (about 2 pounds)

1.  In a medium saucepan, combine sugar and water.  Use a vegetable peeler to remove long, thin strips of peel (green part only) from about half of the lime.  Add lime peel to sugar mixture; reserve lime for another use.

2.  Split vanilla bean in half lengthwise and scrape out seeds with the blade of a knife.  Add pod and seeds to sugar mixture.  Bring to a boiling over medium-high heat, stirring until sugar is dissolved.  Remove from heat and let syrup stand for 10 minutes.

3.  Discard lime peel and vanilla pod.  (Stir in vanilla extract if using).  Place papaya in a medium bowl.  Pour syrup over papaya.  Cover and chill at last 4 hours or up to 2 days. 

Makes 6 servings.

Serve in an old large Jam jar to give a Summer fresh feeling.

Spread the Gluten-Free Word!
xoxo Julie

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