Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Is Baking Powder Gluten-Free?

Gluten lies in so many places, some you'd find hard to believe.  One of them is Baking Powder.  Back in the day it was suggested to really research the brands you use for baking with baking powder.  Nowadays, there are plenty of options.

I did a search in my market, studying all the brands they had on their shelves, and now that packaging with gluten-free labeling is so important, I have found that more then most brands are gluten-free.  The ones I am most sure about are: Rumford, Davis, Hain, Hearth Club, and Bakewell.  Now, friends, do not forget about those brands that are NOT gluten-free.  Those still exist.  So just because there are more brands that are gluten-free, does not mean that one day by accident you could pick up the wrong package.  Some do in fact have gluten and wheat.  Be careful.

                                 **This brand is not only gluten-free, but processed in a Peanut
                                   Free facility.  This is Davis.

**Rumford is also gluten-free and double acting

And for those of you who still do not trust store bought brands, you can always create and make your own from scratch.  For Baking Powder recipes, please check my recipe section under "flours".

Enjoy! xoxo Julie

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