Sunday, May 1, 2011

Mary's Gone Crackers

Hey folks!  Just found out these are vegan!

These yummy crackers come in a few flavors.

black and pepper

These crackers are great with cheese.  

Check out their products HERE.

I am proud to announce that Mary has developed yet another amazing find!  Just the cracker crumbs! yeah!!! So now, you don't have the whole cracker, just the small crumbs, which is great for baking, cooking, using this as a bread crumb and more.

Mary also has Sticks and Twigs, which is like a pretzel snack, but not really a pretzel and far from, but a great snack regardless for anyone at any age!

I blogged about her cookies, which I really disliked so I won't go there again.

Have a great day! xoxo Julie

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  1. I tried some with goat cheese recently and they were awesome! I'd never had either so it was a risky experiment that ended with a smile. =]


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